Pineapple Red Pepper Chutney

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Pineapple Red Pepper Chutney

This recipe served a two-fold purpose as most of my recipes do: 1) use up food that needs to be eaten and 2) satisfy my longing for spicy foods since I can no longer have all of my favorite Mexican foods.

I bought these Tassos® Florina Roasted Red Peppers at Costco because they looked delicious, and if memory serves the ingredient list was all GAPS legal.  They come with a tag banded to the lid and apparently I tossed it out, I can't find it. I think the ingredients may have listed citric acid, which we know is usually derived from corn… however, citric acid is on the GAPS legal list. I'm not sure if you could get the same taste without using these peppers, as they were somewhat vinegary in taste.  You might be able to duplicate the recipe by roasting red bell peppers, then adding a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to the cooked product.  I ate a few of these peppers alone, but wanted to use them before they got too old. And the pineapple was beautiful and ripe and I didn't want it to go bad either, so I thought they would go good together and here's what I ended up with:

Pineapple Red Pepper Chutney

Heat the butter in the skillet, add the onions [affiliate link].  Cook for a minute or two, then add the red peppers and pineapple.  Cook for two minutes, then add the garlic.

Cook on medium heat, stirring constantly for about twenty minutes.

While the chutney was cooking, I cut up chicken breast to saute in butter.

The dish at this point is not spicy… if you so desire and can tolerate it, serve with Louisiana Original Hot Sauce. The only ingredients listed on the product are vinegar, peppers and salt.

As a young person I detested sweet tasting condiments alongside meat, but as I've grown older I've become fond of the taste.

This is a very easy recipe and would probably be good served with pork, too. I was very happy with the way it turned out, and the addition of the Louisiana Original Hot Sauce hit the spot for me and my spicy food cravings.


Recipe: Pineapple Red Pepper Chutney
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
An easy main dish to satisfy those c ravings for hot Mexican food.
  • 6 sweet red peppers, diced
  • 1 cup of fresh pineapple, cubed
  • 1 cup onion, chopped
  • 3 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 3 Tablespoons butter (or your favorite GAPS legal fat)
  • Louisiana Original Hot Sauce, optional
  • 1 pound skinless chicken breast
  1. Heat the butter in the skillet, add the onions.
  2. Cook for a minute or two, then add the red peppers and pineapple.
  3. Cook for two minutes, then add the garlic.
  4. Cook on medium heat, stirring constantly for about twenty minutes.
  5. While the chutney was cooking, cut up chicken breast to saute in butter.

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2 comments to Pineapple Red Pepper Chutney

  • Magda Velecky

    Hi Starlene,
    Wow… what a journey. I just finished going through your blog and I’m speechless!! What an awesome testament to the diet.
    I’m on the opposite spectrum from you: I’m 5’3″ and I weight probably 103-105 lbs. That should be good, right? I mean I have 2 kids – the younger one just turned 1. And I’m back to pre-both pregnancies weight. I’m not happy, though. I have issues with digestion, going to the bathroom, my hair is awful, I have cold hands/feet, etc, etc. I’m now convinced I have low thyroid and I know my adrenals are shot, too. That said over the past 2 weeks or so I’ve made an effort to move to a more GAPS-like style of eating: no rice, pasta or potatoes. I already ate gluten and mostly dairy free (I eat butter and occasionally cheese and sour cream). I’m still not full GAPS – I’m breastfeeding so I won’t be doing intro for a while. I figured in another week or two I should be able to go full GAPS. And I’m getting my thyroid and adrenals checked, too.
    Anyway, thanks very much for your honesty. And you look fantastic by the way!!!


    Starlene Reply:

    Hi Magda, thank you. I sent you a quick email with a bit of information. I think you are wise to hold off on doing intro while breastfeeding and you may have to eat more high carb veggies to keep on weight once you move away from rice and pasta and potatoes. Thank you for the nice compliment. 🙂


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