D430 People Who Have Never Been Fat Just Don’t Get It

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I was going to say “overweight” but I'm not talking about someone who is forever trying to lose ten pounds and thinks they are overweight. You know what I mean by “fat”… I'm talking about someone who could stand to lose sixty or seventy or a hundred pounds.

Anyway, now that I have that explanation out of the way… today I heard something that just made me sad. I was talking with an acquaintance of mine, and she is on that has never been overweight. I would imagine she probably has trouble keeping weight on, partially because she has a job which requires her to be physically active, and she doesn't eat very much anyway. I would say she's underweight, if anything. She could even have gut dysbiosis which causes her to undereat.

I was showing her a sweater I bought at Savers that is just so adorable. It cost me $6.99, it's black, has long sleeves and is most likely machine knit but it has this adorable scalloped edging around the entire sweater, and ends of the sleeves. It is a half sweater, and I just think it looks so cute. I told my friend that I have been enjoying buying clothes lately just because there is such a large selection and I lamented that there just is a lack of pretty clothing for the larger sized woman. At least that was my experience in thrift stores which is where I prefer to shop for clothing.

She said, “Well, maybe it will give them incentive” and she said it in the kindest way, she wasn't trying to be mean spirited at all. I doubt if she has a mean bone in her entire body.

This is just the way some slender people think. They think it's easy to stay slender. They do it. Most slender people think they control their weight, when they are simply naturally slender. They don't understand how difficult it is. They can't. They have never experienced it.

I read a book one time that really shed some light on the situation, and it did say that people who are naturally slender think they are doing it and they think they have control over themselves. In all reality, it would be impossible for them to gain one hundred pounds and if they could accomplish the feat, it would be very difficult for them to keep the weight on.

I now believe that this is all related to gut dysbiosis. A naturally slender person who is at a healthy weight likely has healthy gut flora.

I say it has been relatively easy to be on GAPS, but it hasn't been simple. I have had to give up entire food groups to lose weight. And that made it easier to avoid those foods.

I am attempting to stay off fruit again. I ended up making two dozen cupcakes and ate ten of them by myself over two days time. Four of them as soon as they left the oven. They were sheer heaven, I can't remember tasting anything quite so good in I don't know how long. Utter delight. At our little party at work, four people chose to eat my cupcakes and cashew nut ice cream instead of the ice cream cake. That was neat.

Today I did manage to not eat any fruit, and also no peanut butter [affiliate link].

Since I pigged out on the cupcakes (made with almond flour [affiliate link], sweetened with honey [affiliate link], and one illegal, no make that two illegal ingredients, baking soda [affiliate link] and cocoa powder [affiliate link]) I have been craving peanut butter, honey and fruit. Today I finally did not eat any peanut butter or fruit. Although I dearly wanted a banana from work. I did bring some home, but I did not eat any.

I still don't want GAPS to be about losing weight, but I am finding myself wanting to be “successful” and lose more weight. I guess I am also still experimenting to see how this works. I think when I get to a weight that is right for me, I will not have a problem maintaining it, as hopefully I am right in thinking the addition of fruit and nut butters will supply enough extra calories to keep my weight steady. We'll see when I get to that point.

Well, so those are my thoughts for the day, along with a bit of a daily report. I should also mention that my hands feel wonderful and seem to get stronger and healthier every day. Although my nails now seem brittle, which I feel means I need more calcium, but maybe I just need to step up the chicken broth. I have also been having some elimination issues and I've missed a day every few days, which I was thinking today could be partly why I've been feeling some depression. I was also feeling anxiety yesterday and took Kava Kava. I was also very tired this past weekend. Just worn out. Okay, enough of that.

I need to get into bed. 4am comes way too early. I was very late for work this morning, got there around 9am and worked until 5pm. Getting to work late, then working late, means I get home late, I get to bed late and increases the chance that I will be late for work the next morning and start the cycle over again.

Good night, and best wishes on your journey.

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3 thoughts on “D430 People Who Have Never Been Fat Just Don’t Get It

  1. Hi Starlene, I’m looking around for support for my daughter (young adult, at home) who recently started the GAPS diet and came across your blog.

    I thought you might be interested in what I’m doing to lose weight, I’ll bet you can combine the two protocols. Have you heard of the Homeopathic HCG diet? I started last July and it’s working wonderfully for me.

    Here is a helpful yahoo group with info in the files, etc.


    Thanks for your blog!

  2. @DebbieM, hi, I’ve heard of HCG, but not a homeopathic type. I have not been too impressed with the HCG diet as I understand it also goes along with one needing to limit calories to 500 a day. This is a starvation diet and can be very detrimental. I don’t know if the homeopathic version suggests the same, but anyone who limits their calories to 500 each day is going to lose weight, with or without drops. Have you joined the GAPShelp list at Yahoo? It is very supportive and you would find some good support for your daughter there. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  3. @Starlene,

    Yes, we joined the GAPS group and I do hope to get some answers to questions we’ve come up with!

    Well, a more thorough understanding of how HCG works is necessary. I never thought too much about homeopathy before, but I KNOW this works. Some people do the injections, but I’m a cheapest and easiest way possible kind of girl!!

    As for the protocol being a “starvation diet”, the hormone actually forces your body to burn your own stored fat for energy, so you are actually getting thousands of calories per day! (I lose anywhere from .5 to 2+ pounds a day on 500-600 calories!) (Like a pregnant woman who can’t keep food down, but uses her stored fat to nourish the growing baby) Dr. Simeons perfected this for something like 20 years in Italy in the 50-60’s seeing his patients each day to find what worked and what didn’t. If you follow the protocol it actually RESETS your hypothalmus (sp) and your metabolism.

    I had been praying for something, I was sick of being fat (losing and gaining it again) and I Providentially came across this protocol in a health newsletter I subscribe to. I had never heard of it before and read the Doctor’s manuscript right away, then testimonies and more info and was convinced that it was the answer to my prayers. I started last July and have dropped 4 sizes. I’m about halfway and am SOOOOO thankful for finding this! My mother and my step-sister are also having success.

    I went through 10 weeks of maintenance recently and kept my weight steady without any hardship or even thinking too much about it.

    Part of the program simply helps you “retrain” your desires and thinking about food because you are determined to be healthy and not regress. And you learn what you can and cannot eat, much like GAPS I imagine! 🙂

    I encourage you to not dismiss it without a closer look. (yes, there are plenty of nay-sayers and charlatan/hucksters out there to beware of!!!

    Thanks for your blog and suggestions!

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