Day 165 – First Azure Order Arrives

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My first order with Azure arrived today.

I ordered a case of cabbage. I have no idea why, but I thought I was buying SIX HEADS of cabbage. I knew it was a case. I looked at Azure and can see no reason for making the mistake of thinking I was getting six heads. I knew the case was going to weigh FORTY pounds. Did I really think each head would weigh 6 1/2 pounds?

Well, there were 23 small heads in the case. I donated 8 of them to the coop manager, since she said there were several more people coming to get their order who were into Nourishing Traditions so they would probably be able to use the cabbage.

I had planned to make cabbage rejuvelac, a batch of sauerkraut and Latin American sauerkraut.

When I got home, I cooked one of the smaller heads and ate the whole thing all by myself.

I also cracked open my fermented cod liver oil and took a half teaspoon. I've been taking Vitamin C 4000mg at a time (twice today already) and also echinachea tablets. My husband has a really bad cold and I drank water after him today so I am hoping to avoid getting what he has by taking the three items above.

I'm also not going to eat any fruit at all. When I have been exposed to a sickness and possibly ingested germs straight from the host, I find great resolve to avoid foods which I feel dampen the immune system. When I was having sugar, I would find great strength and be able to avoid it easily, because I knew it would only make my body weak in fighting against the sickness.

Also, fruit seems to be affecting me negatively. Not only do I suspect it is keeping me from losing weight, but it seems to be affecting my energy level.

Let me try to explain this.

  1. I haven't really been able to eat fruit in the past few years because it affected my blood sugar almost immediately. It was uncomfortable to feel that nervous and shaky feeling, so I avoided fruit.
  2. A couple months into GAPS, I realized, happily, that I can now eat fruit without my blood sugar being affected.
  3. In the year previous to finding and embarking on GAPS, I had begun to avoid simple carbohydrates (pasta, mac and cheese) because I had started to notice that I would feel overly tired the following day. My husband also noticed that the day after a high carb meal, he would feel sluggish the next day. So we had already started to avoid having “junky” meals.
  4. Now that I can eat fruit without a blood sugar drop, it seems that I am having that day after tiredness that I used to have with carbs.

It was a nice relaxing day today. My husband spent time in bed, something he rarely allows himself to do, and also a testimony to just how crappy he is feeling. I also was lazy and laid around in bed cat napping when I could. We had to go into town for my appointment, heading out at 10am and after the appointment we drove closer to some mountains and I didn't knit while we drove or anything. I usually try to multi-task when my husband drives. But today I just relaxed. Then we picked up the coop order and stopped at the store to buy a few things.

I found a soup recipe in a magazine at the doctor's office! It had only two GAPS illegal ingredients (heh, potatoes and bread) but I think it will be great even without those. I will report back once I try it.

I came home and made myself the head of cabbage (sauteed in coconut oil [affiliate link] and water, then put some butter and Celtic sea salt [affiliate link] on it, yum, yes I know I'm still having butter, too), and then I was just so tired I laid down at 3pm and fell asleep until 5:30. I have to work tomorrow and have to get up at 3:30am! I hope I will feel tired enough to go to sleep soon. Maybe I will take a detox bath tonight, even though I do not find that appealing as it is already hot here in Arizona.

I guess that's it for today.


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