The First Indication My Adrenals Are Functioning Better

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I've been using the cremes for a week. There is a “day” creme and a “PM” creme. The day creme is to be used upon waking and at 6pm. The PM creme is to be used when going to bed. I've not been sure if I've felt any different. I'm not even sure how long it takes until I start feeling any effects.

I've been feeling really stressed out about my husband. He's been scheduling a lot of work and keeps getting backed up until he will stay up all night long and the next day with only a couple hours of sleep. When he does this it really, really stresses me out because I know how vitally important sleep is, and I don't want him to end up blowing out his adrenals by doing this. I would be less concerned if it happened once a month but it's happening more often than that. Last night was one of those nights. For once he was home, building a platform that he needed for a job today. I went to bed around 9:30pm and I woke at 1:30. For the past few months, when I wake up in the middle of the night and he's not home I feel panicked. It's like the fight or flight response kicks in and I feel like my stress level just shot up super high. I lie there and my imagination runs wild with no so far fetched scenarios… like maybe he fell asleep and drove off the road and was in an accident and is just lying on the side of the highway.

But when I realized when I woke up this morning, I didn't feel my stress level shoot up. I tried to go back to sleep, but then I wondered how it was going with the platform he was building so I went outside. I stayed out and helped him for a while, threading on some bolts and washers while he drilled holes. Thank goodness we live out in the middle of nowhere far enough away from other people!

Then one of our dogs came up with foam all over her muzzle. My husband looked at her and asked what was wrong with her. I told him she probably got hold of a Sonoran Desert Toad. I heard them the other night when we had the really bad sandstorm. Our power was out for 5 hours and it rained so it was cooled down enough that I had my bedroom window open and we could hear the toads singing.

But then my husband said he hoped she didn't have rabies.

That worried me a little bit, but I really didn't think so.

She started acting weird, like she was going blind, running into things. I know really the only thing you can do is rinse their mouth repeatedly with fresh water, but I think I've also heard you can get rabies just by getting the saliva of an infected animal on you. I think you do need to have an open wound to be infected… like the animal has to bite you… so I decided that I needed to get her mouth rinsed out.

Now… a week ago I feel certain that my stress level would have shot to the sky… but I felt totally calm. Almost removed from the situation. Tess was compliant and readily allowed me to rinse her mouth with a squirt bottle. I rinsed her mouth about four times with 16 ounces of water each time. Finally she laid down and relaxed and stop breathing so hard and fast. She was so still I thought she'd died, but she was only asleep.

I finally went back in the house and got back into bed at 4am. I slept very peacefully until close to 10am.

I think that is the other thing that's happening, I think I'm sleeping better. Even though I have always felt like I sleep well, I feel I've been sleeping even more peacefully in the last few days.

I still don't have much energy.

I really want more energy.

I have also noticed that I'm not panicking about other things so much. I always have so much that needs to be done, and not enough time to do it, but I freak out with stress over what needs to be done, and then I don't get it done because I'm so panicked.

Could this all be due to my adrenals being fatigued?

Sometimes I wonder, how will I get anything done if I'm not insane with worry and anxiety over them? Will eventually I be able to complete tasks that need to be done, because they need to be done?

Something else I have noticed… time seems to have slowed down. The days seems to be longer. I don't notice missing whole hours. For example, it's 5pm but I would have thought it was 7pm already.

Anyway. That's what I've noticed so far. By the way, Tess is fine today. I don't know why she bothered that toad, she is one of our older dogs, she should know better. At any rate, I thought to myself it was a good thing I was up in the middle of the night!

Here are the ingredients contained in the cremes:

Day Formula: Pregnenolone, L-Lysine, Vitamin B5, Boricin, L-Glutathione Reduced, Pyritinol, Wild Yam (Progesterone), Proprietary Herb Extracts, Vitamin B12, Licorice Root Extract, Benfotiamine, L-Cysteine, Vitamin B6 P5P, DIM, Colostrum, DHEA, L-Tyrosine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-Ornithine, Maca Extract, Colloidal Silver,  Niacin B3, Aloe Vera Extract, Muira Puama

PM Formula: 5-Hydroxytyptophan, Phosphatidylserine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Avena Sativa Extract

I have to admit I have not done the research on all these ingredients, although it would probably be a good idea to know what purpose each is serving. At this point I'm strictly going on blind faith, hoping that I'm not doing my body a disservice.

Also, I was able to get four pounds of grass fed liver yesterday, as well as a small package of ox tails, half of a heart and *ahem* I also took the testicles. Everything is still frozen at the moment. I need to get dinner going. I am hungry. I have note eaten well today.

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2 thoughts on “The First Indication My Adrenals Are Functioning Better

  1. I was wondering if you could share the name of the creams you are using. I have adrenal fatigue as well. thanks.

  2. Hi @Kirstian, the first thing you need to do as I understand it is to get your adrenals tested to find out your cortisol levels. I went through but I have to tell you in hindsight I wish I had only done the testing and then pursued other methods rather than taking the prescribed creams. I say this because I recently learned that the cream’s ingredients had products that both lower and raise cortisol so I think that was confusing my body. It is a very confusing and difficult path, I’m sorry to say, at least this has been my experience. With adrenal fatigue, you often have thyroid problems. I would recommend visiting and spend some time there researching, and it would probably be a good idea to buy the book as well. Best of luck. I am planning to write a post soon with my diagnosis so stay tuned for that. I will say it’s not what I expected!

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