Best Supplements for a GAPS Diet

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Going on any specific diet means dealing with a few restrictions, especially if you want to get fitter faster. Because the Standard American Diet is so filled with carbs, fats, and sugars, starting on the road to fitness requires some level of effort.

The GAPS Diet can be a challenge in a different way; however, the benefits will often be worth the effort.

In my article ‘Which Should I Do First? Introduction or Full GAPS', I talk about the transition process to follow the GAPS diet. Every GAPS journey is different, but once you've settled into your routine more options open up for nutrition. Whole food is always the main focus of GAPS, and after you've gone through Introduction you can start to add a few supplements.

Fish and cod liver oil

Fatty acids like omega-3 play a large role in the GAPS diet, so it's important that you get the proper amount. Many GAPS experts recommend daily supplementation of fish oil or cod liver oil capsules, which are rich in omega-3, as well as vitamins A and D. The best fish oil supplements should come in dark-colored glass containers, and should be properly refrigerated and kept to avoid rancidity. One of the best cod liver oils can be sourced from Nordic Naturals, which is sourced from Arctic cod, and contains zero additives.


The gut is obviously the center of the GAPS diet, so we should be doing our best to ensure that it's operating at maximum efficiency. One of the best ways to help your gut is through taking healthy bacteria like probiotics. Probiotics help keep the balance of healthy bacteria in your gut, easing digestion and reducing bloating, gas, and other gut problems. Experts recommend that there should be at least 8 billion bacterial cells per gram. The superfood and probiotic blend by Brightcore is a great option for this, as it contains 10 billion live probiotics, as well as fiber and omegas. It's certified organic, GMO-free, and dairy-free as well, making it a perfect complement to the GAPS diet.

Betaine HCl

People on the GAPS diet tend to have lower stomach acid production. Remedying this involves taking a betaine HCl supplement with added pepsin. Betaine HCl is a manufactured form of hydrochloric acid, which is one of the main stomach acids found in the human body. Pepsin, meanwhile, is an enzyme also produced in the stomach which allows the body to break down and absorb protein. Solaray's HCl with Pepsin dietary supplement is a straightforward, simple formulation that's highly effective. It delivers 650 mg of betaine HCl and 162 mg of pepsin per serving, making it a popular and efficient choice.

Healthy oils

If you're on the GAPS diet, you probably know that you're advised to have a 2:1 ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-3s are commonly found in fatty fish, while omega-6 fatty acids can be sourced from seed or nut oil. According to RxList, omega-6 fatty acids can reduce your risk for heart disease and lower bad cholesterol levels, and could minimize your risk for cancer.

Always remember to add supplements one at a time to make sure they agree with you. There is nothing worse than adding several new foods or supplements only to find you have to remove everything and start all over because you had a reaction and aren't sure what affected you.

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