Day 167 – Five Cabbages Down, Ten To Go

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In case you don't remember, I ordered a case of cabbage from Azure Standard, and the first night I cooked one head of cabbage and ate it. Today I used two heads to make Cortido (Latin American sauerkraut), I froze one head in preparation to make Stuffed Cabbage (please note the linked recipe is not the one I used but I wanted to include it as my inspiration to try making Stuffed Cabbage) and tonight I made a goulash-type dish with hamburger and another head of cabbage.

I am planning to make cabbage rejuvelac tomorrow, as well as another batch of regular sauerkraut.

Then I'll still have seven heads of cabbage to use! At least I should be able to find room for that many in the fridge as the poor things have all been sitting out. They still look just fine, but I know they are losing quality by sitting in a room that is 79°F.

I did not have any fruit yesterday, or today. I had a twinge of wanting something sweet after lunch today, but I nixed the thought immediately and did not indulge my desire.

My birthday is next week, and thankfully I never signed up for too many of those “free birthday offers”. I did have a coupon arrive for Denny's, one for Black Angus and a third from Baskin-Robbins.

I am thinking about using the Black Angus one, I think I can order prime rib. Maybe I can bring olive oil and apple cider vinegar and order a plain salad. And maybe I can ask if they could steam me some fresh vegetables. I'm encouraged by an article over at Donna Gates Body Ecology site that one of the list members posted: How to Eat Out at a Restaurant; Six Tips to Eat Healthy, Choose Wisely and STILL Enjoy Yourself When Dining Out.

I had thought it might be possible to just get a steak and a salad. We'll see how it works out, if I even go through with it.

Since my birthday is coming, I want to make an almond flour [affiliate link] treat, and also I want to try this Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream made with raw cashews! I know, I know, all those “extra” calories that I probably don't need.

Well, I guess I had better get to bed. Nighty!

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