Day 163 A Sweet Treat and Water Shortage

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Today and yesterday I succumbed to my desire for something sweet and mixed together 2 teaspoons of almond butter [affiliate link], 1 teaspoon ghee, 1 teaspoon of honey [affiliate link], 2 drops of vanilla [affiliate link] and a small handful of walnuts [affiliate link].

It was very much like having candy. I think it would be delicious chilled, but I had it at room temperature. I have also had the same without the honey, but with a sprinkle of sea salt [affiliate link].

My hubby is not feeling well. He isn't sure what is wrong, but he has a tickle in his throat. I am feeling tired myself, but it could be the honey! Our Internet connection has been horrible for the past few days. Our ISP has trouble with the main tower and is using the backup so it is intermittent and slow.

We are also on heavy water conservation as our community well's pump is broken and they are replacing it. We discovered that on Friday when we had only 800 gallons of water in our underground tank. I watered the garden lightly, I hope everything will be okay until we can get filled up with water again. We only used about 200 gallons of water in the last couple of days. It is supposed to be fixed by tomorrow. We are already very careful with water since we have to haul our own, but now I am being even more careful like turning the water on in the shower and standing there waiting for it to warm up and get in, instead of brushing my teeth while it runs to warm. I should always stand there and wait for it to warm and get in immediately but I confess that I don't. Also, no detox baths, and the garden doesn't get any heavy watering. Dishes are washed with as little water as possible. It is a good reminder to be careful about our water usage.

I started beet kvass yesterday and today it has tiny bubbles at the top. I did not use whey, only salt and I used a couple of tablespoons of sauerkraut juice to help it get started. I actually used Celtic sea salt. I did not use our well water, but used water bought from the store specifically to make it. I tasted it and I already like the taste of it. I can't really describe the taste, it is different. It is nothing like beets.

My coop order arrives on Wednesday, I am so excited to get my cabbage! I have not been using organic but the coop had it for $0.87 a pound and I had to buy six heads, but I went for it. I can usually get it $0.49 a pound at the store on sale, or $0.59 pound not on sale, although not organic.

I'm going to make four heads into sauerkraut and am going to try cabbage rejuvelac for the first time.

I also orderedBlue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil Cinnamon Tingle. I am dreading trying it, but I think it will help my health. I also need to get more serious about liver. I think I felt a lot better a couple of weeks ago when I was having it every day (for two days, hah). I read somewhere recently that we only need to have like an ounce each day? Also that liver has lots of B vitamins. I think I need to try the raw liver pills that people do which is basically just cut the liver into 1/4″ cubes and swallow whole.

Well, I should get to bed. 3:30 gets here very early.


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