Highly Sensitive People

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I read the whole series a few years ago…

I thought it all made sense, and just figured I was a highly sensitive person.  Since childhood. Here is a quote from one site which shares characteristics of the HSP.

Most highly sensitive people are:

  • Able to process information deeply.
  • Able to concentrate deeply.
  • Good at tasks requiring accuracy, speed, and detail.
  • Highly conscientious.

Physical characteristics of highly sensitive people:

  • Good at fine motor movements.
  • More affected by caffeine.
  • Good at staying still.
  • More “right-brained” thinkers: less linear, more creative.
  • Slower to recover from intense stimuli.

Highly sensitive people are deeply affected by lights, strange odors, clutter, and loud noises. They startle easily and take longer to “come down” from long days, conflicts with friends or family, or stressful days at work. Highly sensitive people can't tolerate as much as other people can. These personality traits are different than the characteristics of introverts.

That's pretty much me in a nutshell.

Then I discovered my basal temperature is rather low much of the month, as low as 96.5°F.  So I thought my thyroid was out of whack, which can cause all kinds of problems.

Then I found out about adrenal fatigue. And thought that was the problem, in addition to being highly sensitive, and having a low functioning thyroid.

But I couldn't bring myself to do anything for myself. Except to be diligent about getting enough sleep, and taking naps on the weekend.

Now I am starting to think gut dysbiosis is at the root of all these issues for me.

It would sure be something to figure this all out.

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