Chiropractic Care – My Early Experience

Have you ever been to a chiropractor? My first visit to one was in 1989, just weeks after my youngest son was born. We went specifically because of the … Click here to read Chiropractic Care – My Early Experience

My Son Matthew


Me and my precious baby boy, Matthew (1987)

Today I am going to share with you some about my son Matthew who is 25 years old.

In … Click here to read My Son Matthew

Dressing For Success

I hear how you should dress how you want to feel, not how you feel. But what if you don’t have enough energy to “dress for success”. Thankfully I … Click here to read Dress For Success

Symptoms of Low Thyroid That I Experience

From various sites I’ve collected all the symptoms of low thyroid. I’ll highlight the ones I experience.

1. muscles stiff in morning, need to limber up 2. fail to … Click here to read Symptoms of Low Thyroid That I Experience

People Don't Understand

People don’t understand tiredness. They understand, “I’m on chemotherapy for cancer and I’m worn out tired.” They understand, “I have chronic fatigue syndrome.”

But I don’t have a diagnosis. … Click here to read People Don’t Understand “I’m Tired”

Overcoming Overeating - Body Acceptance

After my one experience with dieting when I was 29 years old, I eventually found Overcoming Overeating: Conquer Your Obsession with Food Forever by Jane R. Hirschmann and Carol … Click here to read Overcoming Overeating – Body Acceptance

My Feet

UPDATE: On Day 13 of full GAPS, I noticed my feet were no longer hurting, writing this post to describe the problems I had been having with my feet … Click here to read My Feet

Highly Sensitive People

I read the whole series a few years ago…

The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You Making Work Work for the Highly Sensitive Person … Click here to read Highly Sensitive People