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I hear how you should dress how you want to feel, not how you feel. But what if you don't have enough energy to “dress for success”. Thankfully I work at a company that is pretty laid back about our attire.

When I started volunteering there back in 2000, I was a stay at home mom on welfare, and I went through a program that was helping me to get back into the workforce. I was given a voucher to go to Ross Dress for Less, and if I remember correctly it was for $300. I had to spend it all in one shopping trip. I could have gone to Kmart, but I chose Ross because I had found they had more quality items for less. So I spent about four or five hours there shopping. I hate shopping. I detest it.

But I did it because I am also thrifty and there is no way I was going to waste any of that $300.

As a result, I dressed very nicely, in nice office clothing for about the first three years. Then I started getting real tired, and plus I outgrew all my nice outfits.

I just recently donated a lot of them to Goodwill. I had no hopes that I would ever get back into them. That sure sets up some weird conflicts inside me. There is a part of me that hopes I was right, that I would never lose weight again, so I won't lose any weight while doing GAPS. But that's stupid.

And it's not like I have money to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe, besides I hate shopping!! I have a Ross Dress for Less gift card with about $60 on it, and I have had it for over a year.

I hope if I am able to get back more energy that I am able to dress more nicely for work. That is another thing that has just gone by the wayside. I have never been one to wear much makeup and I just throw my hair up in a twisted bun or braid it, and I rarely wear jewelry. I just don't have the energy to put into looking any nicer than I do just naturally.

Well, I will let you know if this changes for me.

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