Day 12

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Quick update while at work. I scooted into the kitchen while I knew my boss was busy and heated up my leftover roast and green beans. I put a lot of butter in with them, and a couple tablespoons broth. Maybe 1 to 2 tablespoons of butter. Delicious!!

On the counter there was a two pound box of See's Chocolates. I could smell them from a couple of feet away, but avoided having any. One of my coworkers (the one who brought them in) asked as she was walking by my office, “Still being good?” and explained that the box had come from family and she and her husband can't eat that much chocolate. I did manage to avoid them. Yes! Not really difficult at all. I guess it helped a LOT that I had already eaten my roast beef, butter and green beans.

On the way to work I had my broth again. Youngest Son wanted to stop for breakfast at Jack in the Box, and I had no bites. Am I lying to myself? I truly don't feel that I wanted any of the JITB. I had cashews after I got to work and then had lunch at 11:30. I meant to bring some Clementine Cuties.

I am so grateful for the work I have been doing over the years, because I am well practiced in keeping myself fed, and keeping food with me to that end.

Weird thing happened this morning. I crawled into bed right about 8pm and fell to sleep shortly after. Slept hard. At 4:50 this morning, hubby gets up and says, “Hey, it's 5 o'clock.” It was actually 4:50, and I usually leave at 5am to get to work by 6am. Youngest Son overslept, too. The weird thing is, I slept NINE hours straight through. I think I might have gotten up around 10pm to turn off the kitchen light, but other than that I slept straight through. Usually my back is KILLING me by 7.5 hours in bed. It would be an awesome blessing if my stiff back problems subsided on GAPS. I have already been feeling like my feet aren't hurting as badly. So we'll see.

More later.

7:55pm. Dh milked for tonight. He really HATES milking, so that is a really nice thing for him to do for me. He made baked chicken legs and thighs for dinner, with white beans and salad.

Everything was pretty good. I was very hungry. But I noticed, this hunger isn't as strong as it used to be. I was mildly hungry. Before starting on this “diet”, I would be ravenously hungry, my blood sugar would drop, I'd become cranky and irritable, and then I'd wolf food down as soon as I got near it. It didn't feel that way this time.

My hubby also baked a butternut squash, but something went wrong. It either got dried out really bad while baking, or he didn't bake it long enough, something. Maybe too hot a temperature. At any rate, tomorrow I will try to cook it longer and see if I can get it to turn out like it's supposed to.

Not too long ago I learned to love butternut squash, courtesy of one of my heroine bloggers, The Pioneer Woman. She makes THE best butternut squash, and I believe it is actually full GAPS friendly, if you use honey [affiliate link], instead of maple syrup. I am a huge fan of PW, but I am saddened that I can't eat most of her recipes at this juncture. But, her butternut squash recipe is legal, well, at least for full GAPS! The secret, I think, it in the process of pureeing it. Delicious stuff. It is very much like pudding, and even delicious cold.

I'm very tired. It's 8:02pm. Night.

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