My Feet Stopped Hurting

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It's Day 13 of GAPS. Two things of interest to report about this morning. First, my feet are not hurting when I walk barefooted. I have had to wear these dorky looking men's casual shoes for at least the last year, every waking moment. My feet have been hurting less, but I am not fully convinced it is a result of eliminating certain foods from my diet.

The second thing is huge. Last night was the second night in a row that I was able to sleep for nine straight hours. For many years, since I had pneumonia back in 2000, it has been impossible for me to sleep more than 7 – 7.5 hours. The reason is that my back would become so painfully stiff that I was forced to get out of bed before I'd had enough sleep.

I also dreamed about eating off limit foods, and not realizing I had done it. It seems I had several of these dreams.

I don't remember if I wrote about this, but I had my Youngest Son check my weight last week. Oh dear, I guess I didn't say anything about it so I'm going to say it was last Saturday, the 12th. I asked him last night if he remembered my weight, he says he did. I am not sure if I want to get the number from him. I think not. I told him to be sure to remember, because in a month I will probably weight myself again, and maybe I'll just subtract the number. At any rate, it seems likely that I have lost a bit of weight, as my pants seem a bit looser than they have been.

I went back to bed around 8 am. I read some of Dr. Natasha's book. I am glad she is a doctor. So many people won't believe anything if the information they are getting does not come from an actual doctor.

12:16 pm. I slept until 11:30, then got up again. I have only had my broth today. And some water a few minutes ago. I don't feel hungry, but I think I'll feel better if I eat something.

12:50 pm. I cleaned off the stovetop (wiped it clean, removed the burners and cleaned under those), then made zucchini scrambled eggs [affiliate link]. Quite delicious.

I am still feeling tired a lot.

My husband is also feeling much tireder than he normally does. He has eliminated dairy products, and is not eating bread. I am not sure how far he is taking it with no grain products. He has not yet stopped eating Gobstoppers which I cannot believe he is eating them all day long! He is an ex-smoker and he used to eat sunflower seeds all the time, until I made him aware of just how many calories and sodium is in one 16 ounce bag, which he used to eat every day.

I have no idea what is on the menu for dinner. I actually feel like going to bed again.

9:46 pm. We reheated the leftover roast and greens beans from last night and dinner was around 5:30. Youngest Son brought home pre-washed salad mix, so we had some of that, too. Iceberg lettuce, purple cabbage, shredded carrots. I don't like buying the pre-washed stuff, but well, it was there.

I made a salad dressing by putting 1/4 cup of cold pressed olive oil into a measuring cup, then pouring in red wine vinegar until the cup measured 1/3. Then one clove of garlic, crushed. Mixed and poured over the lettuce mixture. I like this dressing nearly as much as I like my homemade ranch version. Which I can't have, because it uses dairy. I could probably come up with something using mayo, but I don't have the ingredients yet to make our own mayonnaise.

I actually ended up totally pigging out on the salad, so I got the entire 1/4 cup of olive oil myself. I ate a couple bites of the roast beef.

I wonder if I'll sleep 9 hours again.

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3 thoughts on “My Feet Stopped Hurting

  1. I used to have morning stiffness in my feet, especially after childbirth, I’m hoping GAPS (and getting rid of a root canal) will help with that too. Your post to GAPS was really encouraging! 🙂

  2. Hi Cara!! You are my first commenter!! Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate your taking the time to drop a note. I am enjoying your blog, too. It is nice to find people who know what this “GAPS” is about. Thank you again!

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