Symptoms of Low Thyroid That I Experience

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From various sites I've collected all the symptoms of low thyroid. I'll highlight the ones I experience.

1. muscles stiff in morning, need to limber up
2. fail to feel rested, even after sleeping long hours
3. feel “creaky” after sitting still for some time
4. heart seems to miss beats or “flip-flops”
5. nauseated in morning
6. start slow in morning, gain speed in afternoon
7. motion sickness when traveling
8. dizzy in morning or when moving up and down
9. cold hands or feet
10. hair scanty, dry, brittle, dull, lusterless, lifeless
11. hair loss from outer third of eyebrow
12. flaky, dry, rough skin
13. sleeplessness, restlessness, sleep disturbances
14. poor short term memory, forgetfulness
15. impaired cognitive function (brain fog)
16. poor response to exercising
17. hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
18. high cholesterol, cholesterol deposits on eyelids
19. constipation, less than one bowel movement daily
20. “go to pieces” easily, cry easily
21. dislike working under pressure, dislike being watched
22. low libido
23. gain weight easily, fail to lose on diets
24. difficulty concentrating, easily distracted
25. yellowish tint to skin on hands or feet
26. cracks in bottom of heels
27. clogged sinuses
28. low pulse rate
29. low body temperature, especially at bed rest
30. recurrent infections
31. headaches
32. puffiness of face or eyes
33. swelling of hands or ankles
34. irritability, mood swings
35. multiple food allergies/sensitivities
36. lumpy breasts, cystic breasts
37. menstrual irregularity, excess flow, PMS
38. these worse at night: coughing, hoarseness, muscle cramps
39. slowed speech and a hoarse, breaking voice (Deepening of the voice can also be noticed)
40. hives
41. increased sensitivity to heat and cold
42. sluggish reflexes
43. dry puffy skin, especially on the face, and hair loss, especially thinning of the outer third of the eyebrows
44. depression (especially in the elderly)
45. anemia caused by impaired intestinal iron and folate absorption or B12 deficiency from pernicious anemia
46. slowed metabolism
47. fatigue
48. anxiety/panic attacks
49. Choking sensation or difficulty swallowing
50. shortness of breath with a shallow and slow respiratory pattern.
51. muscle cramps and joint pain
52. brittle fingernails
53. osteoporosis
54. paleness
55. irritability
56. yellowing of the skin due to impaired conversion of beta-carotene to vitamin A
57. abnormal menstrual cycles
58. impaired kidney function
59. thin, fragile or absent cuticles
60. infertility or difficulty becoming pregnant
61. elevated serum cholesterol
62. acute psychosis
63. poor muscle tone

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