Me in my pretty new dress from hubby

D488 Another Round of Intro Stage 1 Day 1

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As I mentioned a few posts ago, Baden is doing intro again in April and a few dozen are joining her, including me.

I started out well in that I got a good night's sleep last night. I would have liked to have gotten to sleep earlier than midnight, but the good news is I was slept well through the night and finally woke up rested at 8:30.

I'd like to take a detox bath today, but we are low on water and my husband learned – when he went to get a load of water – that the community wells are all closed until tomorrow. So I need to be conservative. Maybe I'll do a foot bath with Epsom salts.

Dr. Natasha describes the process for doing intro at her site on this page: GAPS Diet.

I started out the day with water with lemon in it. I thought that was recommended for stage one intro… hah… better read the instructions a bit better. I have read in the book that Dr. Natasha says to eat your first meal after 10am, to allow the body time to detox, so I did eat any food until 10:30. At that time I had some cooked zucchini squash and peas, with butter. I'm not giving up my butter on intro. I am already excluding dairy from my diet, except for butter, so I will not be having kefir or yogurt.

I started a big pot of chicken soup and plan to have that for dinner.

It is quite an exercise to cook for others, while doing intro. For my husband I cooked some pork chops so he would have something to take with him for his lunch today. The squash and peas were actually for him, but I had a few spoonfuls.

For my son, I made Zucchini Scrambled Eggs and some nitrate and nitrite free bacon. I love bacon, but I didn't have even one taste. Yay, me.

It's funny… last night I made salad to go with the pork chops I made for dinner. Going on intro is like going on a different diet, and typically going on a diet means to pig out on junk, right? Instead I had salad because I won't be eating any raw vegetables for a few days.

I have been having to be carefully aware of the “urge” to move my bowels but this morning I had a pretty strong urge… and my stool was floating. This goes along with what I've learned at Fiber Menace that stools with more fiber are both larger – resulting in a stronger urge – and also more fiber can cause floating stools.

So pretty today I'll be eating soup and vegetables and boiled meat. Oh, and I have to make a confession! I have never ever worked up my nerve to blend in the “soft bits” from the stock. I did that last week, and I actually was okay with it. Just a little bit unnerved by the thought of what all was blended up in the soup… it was actually quite delicious. I'd blended up some of the well cooked meat so it had just a bit of a baby food meat texture.

I am not sure yet if I'm going to do Stage 1 for only one day, or for more days. I'm thinking one day, but I might see if I can tolerate two days.

Stage 2 is the addition of egg yolk to the soup.

My hubby bought me this really pretty dress from JC Penneys. I am not sure why, but my camera doesn't like to take timer photos of me! It will not focus on me… maybe there is just too much else in the picture for it focus on. I took this one while at work yesterday. I totally love how this dress looks on me.

Me in my pretty new dress from hubby

Well, I had better get busy on the rest of my day. I'm going to try to report each day on how intro is going for me.


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5 thoughts on “D488 Another Round of Intro Stage 1 Day 1

  1. I am definitely going to be following you through intro as mine is coming soon! So glad to follow along 🙂 You look beautiful in your new dress too.

  2. @Tiffany, thank you for the nice compliment and I’m glad to have you following as I go through intro this time. Best, Starlene

  3. Hi Starlene,
    I started on Intro today for the first time! It will be nice to read about other people’s experience as I’m going through mine. I’m very tired today and have some brain fog. But I’ve had little sleep for a while and am still getting over a respiratory bug that lasted for almost a month. Plus my cycle today…. It is somehow comforting to know that others are on the journey as well.

    Great dress! Blessings, Batty

  4. @Betty, hi – thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, thanks for the compliment on my dress. My husband has surprisingly good taste, it always surprises me when he buys me clothing, I just don’t see him as a fashionista kind of guy, lol. I see you are with us at GAPShelp, I sent you a response there. I’m glad you are with us on this intro trip! 🙂

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