Day 103 Intro Day 14 – Day 10 of Stage 4

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This weekend I plan to move into Stage 5.

I can't believe it's already 9pm. I had one of those nights last night, where I felt like I was just laying there, awake all night long. I am sure I slept, but I woke up so often it felt like I wasn't sleeping.

I went to bed at 8:15, having taken a detox bath, only to wake around 9:30. I tried to go back to sleep, but seemed to be hungry. Very hungry. So I got up, scrambled two eggs [affiliate link] in coconut oil [affiliate link], and a green chili (hot!) and an avocado. I felt satisfied and went back to bed, only to lay there all night (so it seemed).

So it was very difficult to get up this morning.

I sure wish I'd start feeling some energy. I want massive amounts of energy, you see. Not just little spurts. I am aware of tiny spurts of energy, so that must mean I'm making progress.

My jeans are beginning to feel loose. I switched to this pair early on in my journey and they have been fitting just about perfectly. My belt seems to need another notch poked into it. So this is promising.

OH. Today something happened that totally blew my mind when I realized it had happened. I had my two cups of broth for breakfast. I still had about a cup of broth left once I got to work and sipped on it until I was done with it.

Then about 10:30, I felt hungry. I'd brought some leftover asparagus. No fat, just steamed and it was cold. I ate it in my office. Then I got real busy with work and the next thing I knew it was 2:15 and I was starting to feel a bit hungry. But I had gone all that time without eating (or drinking any water) and had been able to concentrate and work just fine. Not that I think that's a good practice, I won't do it again on purpose. But normally I'd get a low blood sugar drop and my thinking would go fuzzy after not eating for that long. Again, I am not saying this is something I plan on doing again, but it seems a good sign to me that I could go that long without eating and have no adverse effects.

I had to keep working steadily until 3:30 when I could finally go home, but I ate an avocado that I'd planned to have for lunch. That held me until I got home.

My water kefir turned out very good, so I have been having about 4 ounces of that when I get home from work (and sometimes upon getting up in the morning). I changed my clothes and went out and milked. We had to stop at two banks on the way home, so we didn't get out to milk until 6pm. I got back in around 6:30 and then I cooked dinner.

Chicken breasts fried in coconut oil. Okay, totally a cheat for Stage 4, but I was pretty hungry. I also had leftover steamed broccoli and carrots. I had some Tabasco sauce with my chicken.

And now it's after 9pm and I have another big day tomorrow so I had better get to bed now.

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1 thought on “Day 103 Intro Day 14 – Day 10 of Stage 4

  1. Hi Starlene~
    I’m popping in to say “hello!” and let you know I am still reading your posts. I had such a sideways-crazy week and never got the chance to respond to your email. But, every little chance I get I try to read one or two more of your daily posts. They are so encouraging. My hubby and I have talked and looked at our calendars and the rest of March and April are going to be such a blur that we have decided we will officially start GAPS on May 1st (there – I said it officially for the first time!! aaaaagh 🙂 I am going to TRY to start fixing one GAPS meal a day just to get my feet on the ground so it won’t seem so overwhelming. And, I still have to order Baden’s book and give it a glance.
    I’m hardly a GAPS expert but looking over your symptoms, etc. I wonder if the fatigue, depression, etc could be a sign of die-off?? Are you taking any probiotics or just letting the fermented items in your diet do the work more slowly?
    Just curious – how many chickens do you cook in a week? Are they from the store or do you pay the exorbitant price from a farm or something? Also, why did you start taking the HCl? Were you experiencing indigestion or heartburn (I have read through the first week or two of your journey and then skipped to Day 90 or so – so you might have mentioned it and I haven’t read about that yet.) Very interesting about the list of things HCL chelates … homocystine caught my eye … mine was borderline high the last time I had it checked.
    Well – I’ll stop blabbing and hop off. Have a great weekend!

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