D339 Nuts Cause Inflammation, Who Knew?

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My thumbs are SOOOOO much better today! They are still bothering me just a little bit but I can do all the things I was having trouble doing while they were hurting, my goodness, I never realized how much I use my thumbs! It hurt to wash dishes, trying to grip a wet soapy glass, or even washing a spoon. And my goodness the pain if I happened to brush my thumb joint against the glass while washing it.

I am just amazed and thrilled that my thumbs are so much better.

I am also so curious why the pain localized in my thumb joints?

A suggestions from an email correspondent, “Nuts… may exacerbate osteoarthritis because excessive histamine “attacks” joints, and this causes joint pain related to inflammation.”

So maybe I have osteoarthritis in my thumb joints due to all the work I do with my hands?

I am just pleased that I have been able to figure out what was wrong.

I found my bowel tolerance level to Vitamin C on Monday. I have been putting the Vitamin C powder into capsules and during the days I work I stay at the level I am at. For example, last week I had six capsules morning and night. Each capsule holds 833mg. So that was ~5000mg. On Friday I bumped that up to seven, morning and night, and was at 5800mg (11,600mg total). I stayed there on Saturday and Sunday, then on Monday I bumped the morning capsules up to 8, so 6600mg. The rumbling started and I had a bit of loose, ahem, you know.

So I'm going to stay with 7 capsules morning and night. I'm also taking 3 glucosomine and MSM morning and night. A “B” Complex 100 morning and night, and two capules of calcium morning and night.

GAPS does not advise taking supplements in the beginning part of the diet, but I think I have done enough healing that I can start to take some vitamins to help. Vitamin C is supposedly required to heal the adrenal gland, so that is why I am taking so much of it.

I understand I cannot just stop taking the Vitamin C in the large amounts, or I could end up with scurvy. !! So I would have to go off it slowly if I had to stop taking it for whatever reason.

I am not sure what is supposed to happen next. For example, will I just take 7 capsules morning and night for the remainder of my life? Will I ever need less? Will I know because of stomach rumblings? I also understand I might need more if I get a cold.

Interesting. I really miss the support of the list because I know the ladies (and gentleman) there could answer my questions. Just kidding on the “gentleman” part, I know there is more than one guy there. 🙂

So I am staying off nuts for this entire month, at least that is my plan. I was looking forward to having some kind of baked delight for Thanksgiving. Or at least pumpkin [affiliate link] pie made with almond flour [affiliate link] crust. I have NEVER had any issue with nuts in my entire life that I can recall. I had fallen into the habit of having nuts every single day, using them for a quick snack while at work or on the way home from work.

I think I will be able to get by with eating nuts again without such inflammation but I want to give my body a chance to settle down before I torture myself with a test.

So that's what is going on around here.

Oh. The other thing. Before I went on GAPS, the idea of self-sufficiency and survival preparedness was so simple. Just buy a big bag of beans and rice. Haha. Now how do I go about being “prepared” if I'm on GAPS? I guess the first reaction is “go off GAPS”. But, if some bad thing is going on, I want to be in optimum health. If eating rice and beans makes me exhausted and fat, and depressed, that won't be good.

What are your thoughts on being “prepared” in the case of something bad happening?

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2 thoughts on “D339 Nuts Cause Inflammation, Who Knew?

  1. I am having the same problem at my house. My husband wants to have survival food as well, and he really wants bags of white rice. But I am starting to find that you can have things like quinoa, and lentils. Also, you could get a food dehydrator, and store things like onions, carrots, beef jerky and other vegetables. If you vacuum seal it it can last for 1 year. Here is a link to know how http://www.ehow.com/how_4912569_store-dehydrated-foods.html. I also found boxed organic chicken stock at costco. Of course fresh is better, but this would work well in a crisis. Also, with your dehydrated food, it can bring a lot of flavor to your food. You should also store seeds so you can grow your own vegetables as well. You could also can your own soups, and other dishes. I know I added a bunch of random thoughts, but I hope they were helpful.

  2. Hi Olga, thank you for the link to the article on dehydrating. Actually I have been dehydrating vegetables and what a disaster trying to use the vacuum sealer! Mine is a used one, a hand me down from my boss and part of the strip isn’t sealing and then the hard edges of my zucchini popped tiny pinholes in the bags and lost my seal. I was so bummed. I have quite a few seeds on hand, but I am planning to order a good supply. OH, I was going to say about the rice and your hubby. You know, white rice is pretty inexpensive, right? What would it hurt to buy however many bags he would like to have on hand. You don’t have to eat it, and if it got to the point where there was nothing else to eat but white rice, that would be better than starving, right? Thanks for visiting and commenting, and I’m glad to know I’m not the only one with these thoughts racing through my brain.

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