Day 272 – Resuming My 30 Day Workout Challenge Tomorrow

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I think tomorrow I'll be able to resume my workout. And thankfully the Wii
is here this weekend! It belongs to my younger son and he has gone on a three day vacation staying at a nice hotel in the big city. I thought he took it with him and was feeling a little bummed so I called him and asked him if he thought I should buy myself one, and he asked me why didn't I just use his, which was in the living room in front of the television. Duh. 😉

I have been tired every day since returning from our vacation to Washington, DC. I went to bed early last night, around 7pm and woke at 2:30am unable to sleep so I stayed up.

Finally around 1pm today I decided to lie down and take a nap. I love taking naps. I feel so lucky that I can sleep during the day.

I had a pigging out kind of day. I even went so far as to have the illegal cocoa powder [affiliate link]. I mixed together a candy-type concoction which included almond butter [affiliate link], butter, shredded coconut, crispy cashews and unheated raw honey [affiliate link]. It was pretty delicious, but I totally noticed my tendency to eat more than normal later in the day (this seems to happen when I have lots of carbohydrates or honey/sweets).

For dinner I made a meal we've been having for over twenty years, Chili Verde. It means Green Chili, but we started putting tomato sauce in it at some point in time, so it actually has a red sauce. Traditionally we have served it with flour tortillas.

I trimmed pork chops for the meat, and some of the pork chops had a lovely tenderloin so I harvested those for my own dinner. The meat in the Chili Verde is diced and mixed together and no one could have appreciated the tenderloins served that way.

I also had sauteed mushrooms, and my hubby bought me a bunch of fresh spinach. I love it when he buys me special veggies, and I try to always thank him for thinking of me (he does 95% of the shopping).

Pork Tenderloin, Spinach and Mushrooms

I also decided to make some Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream tonight for dessert. I can tell part of my brain is thinking, “Wow! We lost weight last month even after eating all that dried fruit, par-tay, par-tay!!” I'm going to try to taper down on the goodies… yesterday I bought a bunch of green grapes and ate at least a pound of them all by myself. Good stuff, fruit.

Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream Made with Soaked Raw Cashews

Anyway… I'm allowed to have Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream once in a while. This is one of those things I can choose to have or not have.

A couple of things about this recipe. First, it belongs to Elana Amsterdam, so go here to get the ingredients. Then come back and I'll tell you more about it.

I substitute honey for agave, for one thing. I also soaked the cashews ten hours this time. Nourishing Traditions says we shouldn't soak cashews for more than six hours or they may turn slimy, but I forgot about them until ten hours had passed, and they were just fine, thankfully.

I drained the salt water from the cashews and rinsed them, then placed them into my blender. Next I added the honey, pinch of celtic sea salt [affiliate link] and vanilla [affiliate link]. Finally I added 1/2 cup of room temperature water. I blended for about two minutes.

I noticed the mixture looked a little frothy and so I tasted it. Oh my, was it ever divine tasting! It had a texture like pudding! I would have slurped it down in a few gulps, but I was looking forward to the ice cream.

So if you're looking for some concentrated nutrition and you can tolerate cashews and honey, this is something to try!

Lastly I put put some water in with ice cubes to get the water very cold and then measured out the remaining 1.5 cups of water that the recipe called for, blended for a moment and then poured into my Donvier Ice Cream Maker. I love that thing. I know, I know, it has an aluminum insert and I try to avoid using aluminum as much as possible, but I just can't give up my ice cream maker that I use so seldom.

Usually when I make ice cream I love to sit and relax on the couch while I turn the handle round and round. But tonight I stirred in between making dinner and it worked out pretty good. I'd tend to what was on the stove, then turn the ice cream handle round and round a few times, then let it set to harden at the edges again.

Soaking the cashews was definitely a good move for this ice cream. It tasted totally creamy this time, instead of having a slight grainy texture. I'll try to remember to always soak the cashews.

My hot flashes have started up again, but they aren't too bad so far. Thank goodness. They seem to intensify as my cycle progresses. I am planning to order some Vitamin E from coop this month. That is supposed to help with hot flashes.

Well, I had better get to bed. Night!

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6 thoughts on “Day 272 – Resuming My 30 Day Workout Challenge Tomorrow

  1. KC, do you have one that you can recommend? Now I know to not buy the artificial kind, and now need to look to make sure the oil isn’t soy or corn! Sometimes this diet is rough! Thanks!

  2. Kellycat: Thank you SO VERY MUCH for this link! I will order some of this soon. I just get at a loss trying to figure out what to order! Do you take one a day?

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