Day 6 – Afternoon

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This report got a little lengthy, so I thought I'd break it into two parts. Morning and the rest of the day.

12:20pm. Younger Son last night suggested going for breakfast, which we like to do sometimes on these “party” days. He is the cook at our job and has to cook for over 100 people today. Anyway, I told him I guessed, but I wasn't sure what I would eat, since I can't eat anything from a restaurant.

Then about ten minutes ago my boss called me. She ordered a bunch of burgers and fries, which they often do on these days, and invited me to come eat with them. I thanked her and said I brought something.

Yesterday, one of our clients who brings in baked goodies offered me pumpkin [affiliate link] bread and banana bread. I took two small pieces, and went right into the kitchen and threw them away. Two reasons – unfortunately the dear lady is not known to be super clean when it comes to food (per my son and the kitchen manager, they will not try anything she brings in), plus it almost for sure had sugar in it, and of course, flour!

So four near misses in less than 24 hours. How much longer can I stay strong? It isn't too rough avoiding the off limit foods. Which is kind of confusing for me.

I was working at my boss' house on Monday for several weeks. She loves to cook me breakfast and lunch. She thinks she has a very good diet, and well, if you consider she doesn't exactly eat from boxed convenience foods and fast food, then she does. But things like American cheese, Buddig meats, margarine, and then flour, sugar, and on and on. I can eat eggs [affiliate link], but she cooks them in margarine. I am not sure what I will do if I have to work at her house in the next few weeks. Because so far I have done really good at staying off “junk” foods.

I am hungry now. I had better go warm up some of my chili.

Maybe more later.

4:33pm. I am feeling pretty tired. Like I could take a nap. I only have about one cup of chili left. I should have brought more. I am eating cashews to stave off hunger. I still have to work until 9:30 or 10pm, and it is an hour drive home.

Tomorrow I will be resting a lot to catch up from the exertion of today.

Initially the agreement was that we would do this diet during the time I am off work (for ten days). But I wanted to get started sooner, having gone through a few days with eating too many carbs (“last supper” response?) and I felt exhausted and so low on energy I felt desperate like I have to do something and so I started last Sunday to try to clean up my diet. Basically eliminate dairy, grains, and sugar. And try to stay to the “full” GAPS approved items list.

My husband is doing a few things. Like he isn't eating bread, and hasn't been drinking any of our raw goat's milk. But he says he can't give up his Gobstoppers yet. (argh) And I also saw that he ate what looked to be several dozen snack size Butterfingers. He has always been a bigger chocolate hound than me. I often prefer vanilla [affiliate link] rather than chocolate. He also continues to bring home things that I don't know what I'll do with if they are still in the house on the target day. Things like wheat saltine crackers, white hot dog buns, etc.

I'm sure the length of my daily reports will dwindle as time goes by.

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