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Romantic Weekend Getaway – Part Two

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Yesterday I shared Part One of our romantic weekend getaway. I guess I didn't get any photos of dinner our first night… in fact I can barely remember what we had. I think I made hubby some steak and fried eggs [affiliate link].

At any rate, here is breakfast our first day there. I brought all the food with us. I brought 8 cups of frozen chicken stock. Here we each have a cup of chicken stock with sauerkraut juice in each cup. Breakfast was chicken salad. Hubby's is on the left, mine is on the right. Each salad had chicken, homemade mayonnaise, lettuce, carrots, celery, nitrite-free bacon and olives. Hubby doesn't like sweet tasting combinations, like grapes in his salad, so I gave him avocado instead. Besides I figured he can use the calories and fat.

Our first breakfast together on our weekend getaway

After breakfast I explored around the area and snapped a few photos. Here is the central area, it is pretty and green.

Courtyard area

I sat for awhile and tried to do some drawing, (I'm not an artist! I just thought it would be something different to try and it seemed like it would be relaxing) and after awhile headed back to the cottage. Around 11am I was feeling tired again, so told my husband I was going to take a nap, and invited him to join me. We fell asleep until 3pm! Both of us have been sleep deprived, especially my husband, so I was glad he took me up on the offer to get some more sleep.

After we got up from our nap I made our next meal; we had burgers on lettuce buns with bacon and mushrooms, and our cups of broth and sauerkraut juice.

Burgers on lettuce buns with bacon and mushrooms

Next we decided to go on a hike (or rather it would turn out to be more like a walk, which was perfectly my speed). First we got lost going through town and stopped and took some pictures of these pretty roses.

Pretty pink rose

Pretty white roses

And finally we got to the area where we had decided to hike. Hubby was disgruntled at having to pay a fee to spend a couple hours taking a hike. It was $5 per car, but we paid it and started on our hike into the forest.

Pay the Piper to Walk in the Forest

The two of us posing for the camera on a tripod

Thumb Buttes Hike

A tree fell across this path at some time in the past

The hike was supposed to take an hour and a half total. We stopped long before we got to the top. When I started out, just walking the incline was wearing me out, but I kept going. I had to stop a couple of times and sit down and take a break. But not because I was out of breath! Just because my legs and calves were tired.

After our walk we stopped by the grocery store and picked up a couple of things. I still had plenty of food, but I had forgotten to bring apple cider vinegar for our salad, and decided to use a lime instead of buying a bottle of pasteurized apple cider vinegar when I had raw at home. After I squeezed half the lime into the salad, I cut them and put them onto our glasses. All the plates and dishes were provided by the cottage, including the pretty wine glasses. We don't drink, so we just had ice water.

We had London broil steak with steamed cauliflower, a salad and chicken broth with sauerkraut. The salad was made with lettuce, hard boiled eggs, nitrate-free salami, onions [affiliate link], mushrooms, and black olives. It was delicious! For the dressing I used olive oil, crushed garlic, Celtic sea salt [affiliate link] and lime juice.

Our dinner meal the second night there

We'd rented a Blockbuster movie from the grocery store; I'd brought my laptop and we started to watch the movie but it turned out to be a dud and we turned it off 30 minutes into watching it.

Tomorrow I'll share our last day.



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6 thoughts on “Romantic Weekend Getaway – Part Two

  1. Good for you on enjoying yourselves and hiking! I never feel badly about paying for hiking and parks as I know there’s upkeep for trails, etc. Gorgeous roses!


  2. Starlene,

    You are an inspiration! I am going to try to go on a romantic weekend with my hubby soon too. I just adore you. Your blog and your answers to peoples questions are so helpful. Thank you for what you do!


  3. @Suzy, thank you for the kind words! I hope you get to have a nice time away soon with your hubby. I’m glad to be able to help. It just makes me happy to know people are willing to do GAPS and get well!

  4. @Shirley @ gfe, I know that’s how I feel too. It helps for us to pay our part. But I think it was just a shock to my husband since it’s been a couple decades since we’ve gone to a national park and they didn’t charge anything back then!

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