Day 97 Intro Day 9 – Day 4 of Stage 4

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Just today I realized that I'm barely doing Stage 4. Because I have only incorporated the roasted or baked foods, I haven't done the olive oil or the carrot juice, or the nut bread, or anything else! Drat! I should have made some nut bread today. Maybe I will do that in the morning.

You'll never guess what I did this morning, so I'll just tell you.

I cleaned the chicken pen and also put hay in the nesting boxes.

Do you have any idea how huge this is? I RARELY have enough energy to even contemplate such a feat, let alone follow through with it.

My husband has been getting really busy with his business, so he has been letting a few chores slide. Like gathering the eggs [affiliate link]. Now granted it's cold enough outside now that the eggs can be outside for a few days. After all I know some people don't ever want their eggs chilled, or washed for that matter. My husband also doesn't keep up with keeping the nesting boxes filled with hay. It causes a cascading effect to occur… the hens don't find the nesting boxes attractive, so they go looking in the coop for someplace else to lay their eggs. So we end up having eggs all over, instead of just in the nesting boxes! Not to mention without hay in the nesting boxes, for some reason the girls seem to make the eggs filthy. So then I am faced with the dilemma of washing the eggs, or leaving poop on them… hmm…

Anyway, in addition to that feat (I didn't do a perfect job, but I did take out two wheelbarrows of feed bags, old broken plastic buckets, etc.), I also managed, with the help of my youngest son, to clean up my desk area. I swear the cords had married and had offspring there were so many. And the dust. Oh dear, the dust.

I'm trying to remember what I ate today. I made butternut squash and peanut butter [affiliate link] pancakes and had a couple for breakfast. I remember eating an avocado at some point in the day… dinner was cooked cabbage with hamburger, green bell pepper, onion and a couple of roasted green chili peppers (diced). Very tasty, and enough left over that I can take some with me tomorrow. I have to bring food with me for the entire day!!

I never hold my breath when I get a burst of energy because it rarely lasts more than a day. I did get nine hours of sleep last night, and after the hard work today I laid down and took a nap from 2 to 4pm.

I started a new batch of cortido, and my regular sauerkraut is done and in the fridge. Delicious! My milk kefir grains are making kefir much faster, but they still don't seem to be multiplying very rapidly. On Dom's kefir site I learned that he makes his water kefir grains grow faster by adding a slice of ginger [affiliate link]. I tried that, and the kefir water does taste better, but the grains don't seem to have grown at all.

I got some new water kefir grains (dried) in the mail today, I must remember to send the lady who sent them some PayPal money.

I have been taking one tablet of HCI every time I eat, started that on Wednesday evening. No burning or anything, so tonight I decided to go to two tablets. My husband tried three tonight.

I want to do a little more research on the HCI but I found this site Oral Chelation that says HCI is a remedy for:

  • High homocysteine level (cause for severe coronary disease)
  • Anemia
  • Asthma
  • Gallstones
  • Indigestion and heartburn
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Tic douloureux
  • Vitiligo
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Diarrhea
  • Food allergies

Pretty impressive list.

When I say I want to do a little more research, I mean like am I really supposed to take two tablets every single time I eat? What if it's only broth? What if I only eat, say a banana?

Today was a pretty good day. Tomorrow is going to be very busy. I should get to bed so I can get up at a relatively decent hour and get going.

How was your day?

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