Day 169 – Ten Cabbages Down, Five to Go

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I've been checking out Comfy Belly and ran across these Coconut Flour Donuts and wow, do they ever look good! Alas, they contain baking soda [affiliate link], so they are not 100% GAPS legal. And these Cinnamon Cookies.

I'm up late tonight, it's 10:33. I was really having a craving tonight for a “treat”. I have been eating and eating tonight. All legal and no fruit, no honey [affiliate link] or nuts. Vegetables and meat and butter.

Yesterday I attended a baby shower and the only “legal” foods that I could eat was the raw carrots and raw jelly bean tomatoes. I declined on everything else. The hostess made some kind of monkeybread thing that she baked fresh, but it was made with cheap store brand biscuits. No matter. Six months ago I would gladly have eaten a plateful. But I did real good, only ate the carrots and tomatoes.

It wasn't as difficult as it was two months ago, at the last baby shower. Nor at the wedding, where I was on Intro and couldn't even have raw vegetables.

Maybe tonight's bottomless pit was due to not being able to join in eating all that crap yesterday. But at least I ate healthy foods tonight.

On the cabbage front, I used up five more cabbages. Let's see… I made cabbage rejuvelac and a batch of regular sauerkraut using three. I froze two more. The Stuffed Cabbage turned out pretty good, I will probably make it again.

And the remaining five still sit out of the fridge as I type.

Today I worked in my garden with my husband. I have had an intruder in the garden, eating my squash plants. One was eaten down to a nub. I did some makeshift patching to the possible entries into the garden, but within a couple of days the intruder was in the garden again, this time eating the growing tip from my butternut squash and fourteen leaves from another squash plant. Not good for my squash production.

So my hubby and I got out there, he rebuilt my garden “gate” which is more like a screen door with chicken wire. He originally built it using wood and it was all tweaked and bent sideways, so the intruder may have entered that way. This time he built me one from sheet metal (and chicken wire) so it shouldn't be affected by the weather. I am so blessed to have such a handy husband.

There were weeds in the garden again, I got most of them out and also did a deep watering on all the beds. I told the squash plants I expect to see female flowers tomorrow, no more excuses! I have been seeing all male flowers, I should have told them females AND males, watch tomorrow I'll probably have only female flowers, and no males.

Lots of tomatoes. I have been flicking the flowers, hoping to help along the pollination. The temperature dropped to around 70°F this evening, weird for us at this time of the year.

I worked in the garden about 2.5 hours, then came in and took a two hour nap. It was nice to take a nap and relax. I am off work for a couple more days.

Today I also bagged up my almond flour [affiliate link] (25 pounds) into smaller gallon freezer ziploc bags and got it into the freezer for storage.

I had better get myself to bed.

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