Day 96 Intro Day 8 – Day 3 of Stage 4

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I have planned to abstain from butter for six weeks. Today is Day 7 having no butter. My son cooks at our job and today he made Thanksgiving in March for the clients. He made chicken breast, corn, spinach, rolls (with margarine pats), stuffing and pumpkin [affiliate link] pie. The spinach looked delicious, and my son said it came in fresh and he'd blanched and frozen it. I asked him what was on it, because he usually uses margarine (our boss prefers margarine and of course it's cheaper), and he said, “Only butter.” Woot! I said I'd love to have some and he said I should get myself a bowl so I did, brought it back and he gave me about a cup's worth. That quickly I totally forgot I was abstaining from butter. But I remembered, and I put it back before eating any of it.

For breakfast I had the beef stock I mentioned last night from the crockpot roast from last night's dinner. About 9:30am I had some butternut squash with coconut oil [affiliate link]. Lunch was roast beef with onion gravy, broccoli and faux-tatoes. I was late getting home from work, very late. After work I ate an avocado which helped me to last through to when we got home.

For dinner I warmed leftover roast, and cooked some zucchini squash, but then I ended up having two eggs [affiliate link] scrambled with avocado cooked in coconut oil. I had some sauerkraut. My newest batch of sauerkraut turned a little brown on top, I hope it's going to be okay.

I have been taking the Hydrochloride with Betaine with each meal. Today at work, it felt like my stomach might have been a little bit upset. I haven't been taking the HCI with my broth in the morning. Just with other meals.

Tomorrow I get to stay home, but the next day I will be away from home so I need to make tomorrow count with regards to planning my meals.

I put my GAPS Guide into my lunch box at work, and I had a baggie with broth in there that leaked (yesterday)… so my GAPS Guide got a little waterlogged. I think it is going to be okay. It is still a little damp in between the pages. I need to figure out when to start Stage 4. As I said yesterday, it has just been easier to stay here.

I also need to cook some more stock! I am still not feeling the energy, but last night I was actually thinking about making myself a chore list. Typically when I start feeling like doing something, I have more energy.

I also have to learn more about the HCI. I think I should try taking 2 tablets. I was going to do that tonight, but I totally forgot.

I'm very tired, I didn't get my detox bath last night. I really would like to take one tonight, but I am so very tired.

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