Day 91 Intro Day 3 – Day 3 of Stage 1

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I meant to move to Stage 2 today, and have egg yolk in my broth, but I totally forgot! There was only one fresh egg left, but I did gather some from the hen house when I went out to milk. The only problem is it seems the hens are not using their nests, but two other places and I wasn't sure if my hubby was leaving the eggs [affiliate link] for a broody girl or not, so I left one pile. It's still cool enough out that the eggs will be okay if they aren't refrigerated right away. Some people don't even want their eggs refrigerated at all. But I find they last longer, and I can't help but think they have more nutrients when they are fresher.

Today was  a much better day. I got seven hours sleep, and thought I'd take a nap sometime during the day, but never did get around to it. I am feeling tired though and want to take a detox bath tonight, and get to bed soon. I'm hoping to go to church tomorrow.

I'm trying not to be stressed out about going to church. But I know the ladies are going to comment that I've lost weight. And I'm not sure what to tell them. Because it just seems so embarrassing to say “I'm on a diet”. I guess it's like admitting that I know I'm fat, okay. I've jumped onto the band wagon that everyone else does, and it's not going to work but I'm going to put myself through hell trying.

But GAPS isn't hell. Okay, yesterday was a bit rough, I was really missing my butter.

Let's see what did I have today…

For breakfast I had two cups of stock with 1 clove of raw garlic. Did you know Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride recommends trying to eat one HEAD of garlic a day, she specifically states not a “few cloves [affiliate link]” but an entire HEAD. Goodness! I eat a lot of raw garlic, and I love it, but I don't know about an entire head. I wonder how big of a head she's talking about. Anyway… I bagged up my stock that I made last weekend in 3 cups ziploc bags, that has proved to be a good move.

For lunch I had the leftover broth, with a tablespoon of coconut oil [affiliate link], 1 pound of frozen peas and some onion all warmed nicely. It was filling and good.

I must have had something else to eat… oh yes, I cooked three good sized grey zucchini squash and ate about two cups of that with coconut oil and sea salt [affiliate link]. Not too bad with the coconut oil. It's not as delicious as butter, but satisfying.

I noticed I was not wanting to eat meat today, so I had mostly vegetables.

Then my husband made himself hamburgers for dinner, and he left one in the skillet… even though I am not supposed to have fried foods, especially not with “brown bits” I caved and ate the one left in the skillet, floating in the grease. Oh… heavenly… then I took about a quarter head of cabbage, sliced it and put it into the grease with half an onion and about 6 ounces of hamburger. Cooked that thoroughly and had it for dinner with sea salt and a few shakes of Tabasco. I felt very satisfied.

Today I put up another jar of sauerkraut, we are almost done with the two jars I made weeks ago. I poured some of the sauerkraut juice into the newest batch, hoping it will help to ferment it nicely.

I have been having teaspoonfuls of sauerkraut here and there.

Tomorrow, I will have some egg yolk in my morning broth. And going to church is going to be a challenge to keep myself fed, I had better think about that. My mainstay for staying fed while out and about is almonds [affiliate link] and a banana and I'm not there on my stages yet.

I am hoping to go to Whole Foods tomorrow and ask the butcher if they have any fish heads or fish bones. I wonder if the butcher even works on Sunday? I also want to pick up some nut butter so I can have that on Stage 3. I should be at Stage 3 by Monday since we only have to stay on each stage 1-7 days or longer if you have serious digestive problems, which I don't seem to have.

How was your GAPS day?

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2 thoughts on “Day 91 Intro Day 3 – Day 3 of Stage 1

  1. I think you should tell the ladies that you are eating better. I don’t think you should have to explain more than that. 🙂

    And a HEAD of garlic?! I love garlic, and I am just afraid of how I’d smell if I ate the whole head. That stuff would be coming out my pores! lol

    I have a question about my sauerkraut- on the bottom it is turning white. Is it bad?

  2. LOL, Jen, when I first read that I thought it said tell the ladies I’m eating butter. Well on the way to church I decided that I would just say I stopped eating all processed foods, because that is true. I gave my pastor’s wife my fast food coupon book that I’m “required” to buy at work each year. She was really happy to have it and said she would use it on the way home! They eat probably 90% processed foods. Anyway… the good news is, no one said a word about my weight. Good. I don’t remember if Dr. Natasha said raw garlic, or if it could be cooked. I could eat a head of cooked garlic no problem. Taste and smell your sauerkraut. Is the white just a layer of whiteness? I have that on my pickles that I made last year and they seem to be okay. Thanks for commenting!

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