Day 92 Intro Day 4 – Day 1 of Stage 2

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I think I'll only be one day on Stage Two. Today I added an egg yolk to my 2 cups of breakfast broth. I don't think I had a reaction. Well. Actually I think I had just a tiny bit of a headache on the way to church. But that could have been caused by going to church. It's been four months since I've gone and it always feels weird to be back and everyone is asking me how I've been. Thankfully, no one mentioned that I look like I've lost weight.

I had decided though, that if they asked me, I would tell them that I stopped eating all processed foods. I think that would be a good enough answer.

I was a little worried about what to do for food, since this Intro part is fairly restrictive. I didn't want to overdo it on the eggs [affiliate link], or I could have made some hard boiled eggs to bring. Usually I have almonds [affiliate link] and a banana for times when I'm going to be away from home, but not to that stage in GAPS yet.

I drank my broth/egg yolk on the way to church, then I brought about 1 1/2 cups of cooked zucchini squash for when I got hungry. After Sunday School, I went down to my vehicle and ate the zucchini squash cold. It wasn't too bad. It was far from delicious, but it was food. I was hungry not less than an hour later.

Our son and I went together, but he had to go to a training session with his IT mentor so hubby came into town to pick me up and we went to Whole Paycheck together. I now truly understand why they call it that. My heavens, they had green bell peppers for $4.99 each, and yellow and orange bell peppers for $5.99. EACH. EACH!! Good grief! I would stop eating bell peppers if they were that expensive everywhere! We aren't thousands of miles from civilization, this was in Tempe, Arizona. Anyway… I was there mainly to buy fish heads as some on the list have mentioned they are able to get fish heads or fish bones for $1/pound. No such luck. I also looked for Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil, none at all. I guess I need to buy that online. I am hesitant to buy it, but I need to just do it!

I left the store with one item: an organic apple mint plant for $2.99. My hubby bought some L-Carnatine stuff. He says it helps to burn fat. Okay dear. I tried to explain to him, if your gut isn't digesting your food properly, it won't use supplements correctly either…

After we left there, I was really getting hungry. It was an hour drive home, so I couldn't wait to get home either. I'd brought a frozen boiled chicken breast that was still mostly frozen and sounded totally unappetizing. So we stopped at Walmart to see if they had some of those roasted chickens. I know. I know. Almost as close to buying junk food as you can get, but I had to eat. I also bought two more heads of cabbage to I can start some Cortido and I needed more epsom salts for my detox baths.

I ate a good majority of that chicken on the way home, trying to avoid the skin since it had some flavorings on it. I gave hubby a few bites. I ate almost all of the thigh and leg meat, the wing meat and some of the chicken breast. It's weird, when I was a child, I could only eat the chicken breast, now I am finding myself tempted to only buy thighs and legs from the store instead of the whole bird since I really don't like the chicken breast boiled. I like it fried, but I'm not to that stage yet.

Yesterday I ate no meat all day long, until evening, when I cheated and ate the hamburger boiled in fat. 😉  But today was hungry for beef roast and hubby found one in the freezer and put it into the crockpot. It was almost done when we got home, he also put in onions [affiliate link] and carrots and celery and garlic cloves [affiliate link].

I decided to try the recipe I'd found in Elaine Gottschall's Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet for Onion Gravy. I thought it was pretty darned good, although it received so-so reviews from my husband and younger son. Usually I would slather butter all over the roast with salt, but I'm trying to stay off butter for 6 weeks.

I am trying to convince myself to invest in a cream separator… hold on a second… the last time I looked, they were around $300-$400 but there is a new company at eBay selling them for $179.98.

I bought one. Once it arrives, we have fourteen days to try it out. I hope it works!! That would be so nice to be able to make my own raw butter. I could sour the cream first, and make cultured butter. Oh, I hope it works! There is a video on the seller page, they have over 400 ratings with 100% positives.

I guess tomorrow I get to have avocados and eggs. Delicious.

How is your GAPS day going?

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