Recipe Review: Loving Our Guts’ Ice Cream

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Pecan Praline Ice Cream

 The Ice Cream

This is part three in a series of posts I've made reviewing recipes and products I tried out for my birthday.

This is my second try at making this French Vanilla Coconut Milk Ice Cream from Patty at Loving Our Guts.  As is true to my nature, I started to experiment with Patty's recipe and separated the coconut cream [affiliate link] from the water, and heated the eggs [affiliate link], honey [affiliate link] and coconut water in a double boiler.  I learned that egg based puddings should be cooked to 170°F and then removed from the heat, and sometimes should be cooled immediately.  The double boiler took forever to heat, and I ended up putting the egg mixture into a heavy bottomed pan directly.  It was helpful to know to stop heating when it reached 170°F and I did use my new thermometer!

After cooling down the egg mixture, I stirred in the cream.  I don't know that it changed anything, I would say just go with Patty's instructions. 🙂

Matthew stirred the ice cream in our Donvier 1-Quart Ice Cream Maker which was a great help as I was running behind from all this cooking!  Hey, this was supposed to be my birthday and I was cooking like it was my full time job!

Oh, and I did omit the coconut oil [affiliate link] in this second batch.  I used it in the first batch and it did not stay mixed in and I wasn't really fond of the texture with the coconut oil.  It is perfect, in my opinion, without the coconut oil.

Review on the ice cream:  Creamy and delicious.  Thank you Patty for starting your blog and posting it!  It is a great base to add other flavors and Matthew asked me if we could do banana splits sometime.  That will be fun!  Now I guess I need some of those fancy banana split dishes.

The Pecan Pralines

I also decided I wanted Pecan Pralines in mine.  I use this recipe: Honey Pecan Pralines from Cooking for Engineers.   I tweaked the recipe, since it called for brown sugar.  I used 3 Tablespoons of honey instead of two, and on the butter I used 2 Tablespoons instead of one.

Review on the pecan pralines: I'm not sure if my oven cooks hot, but the pecan pralines were slightly overcooked. Not burned, but very close. They are still yummy and I munched on them all day (even though the Leptin Reset says no snacking, ever, for the rest of your life, or you start getting leptin resistant again – can one day hurt that much?).


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