Flat Bread Hamburger Buns

Recipe Review: Coconut Mama’s Flat Bread made with Coconut Flour

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Flat Bread Hamburger Buns

The Flatbread / Hamburger Buns

This is part four in a series of reviews where I'm sharing recipes and products I tried on my birthday this year.

One of my Facebook fans told me about this Grain Free Flat Bread recipe from Coconut Mama, and I decided to try making them to see if they would be a good substitute for buns.

I used all coconut flour [affiliate link] (she gives an option for part almond flour [affiliate link] and part coconut flour), I used butter instead of coconut oil [affiliate link], and she calls for baking powder which is not GAPS legal, so I used baking soda [affiliate link].

Her recipe makes two small flat breads, enough for one sandwich, so I tripled the recipe to make the six you see below. See the little white dots in the bottom left bread? That's butter. I had smeared butter on my fingers to pat the batter into round shapes and got a little carried away with the butter. If you leave it, you can see in the next photo there will be little craters.

Flat Bread Hamburger Buns

Top right flat bread has the craters.

Flat Bread Hamburger Buns

Matthew was thrilled and set about forming these babies:

Flat Bread Hamburger Buns

I had grilled onions [affiliate link] and mashed avocado on my burger.

Review on the flat bread:  Using the baking soda instead of baking powder worked out just fine as far as I could tell. I even made one batch with no baking soda, and they were smoother in texture. The baking soda batches had more bubbles in the finished product, I liked the bubbly version better.

These are definitely a good substitute for hamburger buns, but of course these aren't exactly the processed wheat hamburger buns to which you might be accustomed. I have a bad habit of taking big bites and coconut flour is a different texture than wheat in that it is much more dense. I found myself reaching for a drink of water to help down the bites which were too big. I love the idea of making these buns, and they were a big hit with Matthew who has missed having “real hamburgers” but I have to admit I will probably reserve them for special occasions. But that is not because I don't like them – I do like them, and in fact this morning considered eating two of the four that were left from last night (my husband was supposed to have four pieces but he forgot and ate his burgers without) to make a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich this morning.

Two reasons… it adds a few more time to the cooking process (and you know how much we are in the kitchen as it is) and number 2, they add a few more calories. I don't count calories, but I am still trying to help Matthew lose weight, and I would like to lose at least twenty more pounds. If we have lettuce buns, that adds only a few calories in comparison to the flat breads – and they don't add all that many calories. Just a ballpark figure I would say around 200 calories for each two pieces of flat bread. In comparison, lettuce leaves add what, 5 or 10 calories?

I will definitely make these again, but more than likely only for special occasions or maybe once a month.


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2 thoughts on “Recipe Review: Coconut Mama’s Flat Bread made with Coconut Flour

  1. Wow I wish I would have come across this earlier, we ate bunless burgers today. I was also in a rush but I think it is something I will have to make slightly ahead. Looks really tasty!

  2. Hi Charlotte! They were pretty good but different than “regular” buns. I thought about making bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches with them, and I think they would be great with peanut butter and jelly on one piece. It’s such a treat for us to have bread-like foods. 🙂

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