Day 186 - GAPS: Mother of All Diets?

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If you're looking for a great article to pass on to friends and family who want to know more about GAPS, or you just want to know more yourself- check out this great post at Sustain Living: The GAPS Diet – The Mother of All Diets?

I am posting early in the morning since my husband nudged me towards the computer to pull him a map. I thought I'd share this gem with you while getting that.

Love to all,

Later in the day…

It's almost 6pm. Almost time for bed. I thought I'd pop in for a couple of minutes for an update on how things are going.

My brain fog was back today, it was hard to concentrate. I sometimes wonder if it's all my head (no pun intended) because my boss asked me for a certain kind of report and I had to wrack my brain trying to figure out if I could get it for her. She is still running our accounting in her manual, old-fashioned ledgers side-by-side with me on the electronic system. There's really no point in her creating a huge spreadsheet of handwritten data if I can produce it with the program…but anyway, I kept getting dead ends on what I was looking for. Maybe that is why my brain fogged out.

It could be die off. I have been off fruit, winter squash and honey [affiliate link] for a few weeks, maybe a month so far. My mom told me today she is going to start reading GAPS Guide (I thought she already was reading it?) and try to start making some changes in her diet.

I am tired. But I have been up since 3am. Don't you think it is normal to be tired after being up for 16 hours, having gotten seven hours sleep the previous night?

I am in the middle of cooking dinner, so I should tend to it.

Yours Truly,

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