Andrew Cutler Chelation Protocol

My Experience with the Cutler Chelation Protocol Part 2

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Andrew Cutler Chelation Protocol

In the last post, part one of this series, I shared my thoughts on the Cutler protocol and my experience with my amalgams removal. In this post I'll be sharing my experience with my first and second round of chelation.

Now granted I have only been through four rounds, so I have not had all that much experience with this protocol but I'd like to share my experience so far.

Round 1: April 19, 20, 21  (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). 12.5mg DMSA every 4 hours around the clock

I begin chelation 11am on Friday morning (I had planned to begin at 7am but didn't wake up in time and then totally forgot). My dosing schedule is:

  • 11am
  • 3pm
  • 7pm
  • 11pm
  • 3am
  • 7am

I did not feel any different than usual on Friday or Saturday. On Sunday I missed an afternoon dose by 1 hour and 20 minutes. I did not know that if you miss a dose by more than 30 minutes you should stop the round. I went ahead and took my dose.  Before too long I felt very fatigued and could not function. I had to go to bed for the rest of the day. I'd emailed two friends who are familiar with this protocol and they both told me I should have stopped the round and that I had caused mercury to re-distribute. Now basically my limited understanding of how this protocol works is you keep the chelator medication in your body on a regular schedule and you keep taking it every X number of hours to keep the same amount in your body. The chelating medication is picking up mercury and moving it and setting it down. Then it is picked up again and moved and picked up and moved. It's a bit like musical chairs. But when you stop taking the medication or you miss a dose the mercury just sits there and your body has to deal with it in a different spot than it was before and this can cause you to feel miserable.

At work the next day I felt pretty good following this round.

Round 2: April 26, 27, 28 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). 12.5mg DMSA every 4 hours around the clock

I began chelation on Thursday night at 11pm. Friday I felt okay. I was extremely paranoid about missing a dose due to the re-distribution incident with the first round. Funny but when I told my mother-in-law about this protocol she told me not to be so hard on myself if I missed a night time dose, she was sure it wouldn't be that big of a deal. She knows nothing about chelating and she didn't want me to miss sleep by having to wake up every four hours. I know here intent was good but I am glad I didn't take her advice to heart. I was constantly watching the clock to make sure I didn't miss a dose. I created a spreadsheet with a chart to print out so I could mark down each time I took the doses. I'm also taking thyroid medication four times a day every five hours, adrenal support every four hours, and taking my temperature every three hours. My cell phone alarm is going off almost every single hour. (Did I tell you I kind of hate my phone now?)

I had trouble getting to sleep on Friday night and was still in bed around 10:30 on Saturday morning. I had spent many hours on Friday working on a project. On Saturday morning I got an email regarding said project which completely devastated me. I spent hours crying my eyes out. I knew this could be part of the chelating process (to kind of go bonkers) so I called my son and my sister to get their take on the situation. They both felt I was overreacting – I trust them both without question so I focused on the fact that maybe my life had not ended due to the situation. 😉  I spent most of the day in bed, miserable and very upset. My husband cooked breakfast and dinner for me.

Sunday was a little better but I still felt very non-functional.

I was still exhausted from the weekend for my entire work week. My husband started to read Amalgam Illness (Amazon affiliate link) by Andrew Cutler and mentioned to me that perhaps I should trial not eating sulphur foods as recommended in the book. Apparently these foods can move mercury around. Some people find they feel better when avoiding sulphur foods, while others find they feel better eating them. Some of the foods I need to avoid are vegetables that I eat every single day of my life: garlic, onions [affiliate link], cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and more. I decided to eliminate all sulphur foods. This includes eggs [affiliate link] and chocolate. This does not leave a huge amount of vegetables. I have been eating zucchini, lettuce and carrots.

I also wrote to a Yahoo group which I'd joined to ask if this is normal, to be expected and I asked if it would be okay to skip the weekend of my birthday party. I do not want to be sitting on the floor in the middle of the room sobbing like a five year old at my party. They tell me that some people chelate every other weekend so I am glad to have that information.

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  1. Hi Sharifa, thank you for your comment. I’m sorry for my long delay in getting back to you! I delayed in part because it’s hard to say how I feel. I stopped the protocol before I should have, because I rescued my mom from a bad relationship and I have never gotten back to it. Now I feel like I have too much going on to try the protocol again. I seem to have good energy levels, so long as I am able to get enough sleep. Have you tried the Cutler protocol? Warm regards, Starlene

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