Day 179 – Fighting the Garden Thieves

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Quick update tonight. Breakfast was chicken soup. Delicious way to get my broth in the morning. Lunch while at work was leftover faux-tatoes, a small hunk of roast, gravy, a bit of spinach, and a cucumber-tomato salad, also leftover from last night.

I brought enough faux-tatoes and gravy so my boss could try some. She loved the gravy, even though she said she had misgivings when I told her it had not only zucchini, but cauliflower in it, along with the beef broth and onion. I also shared my faux-tatoes with another coworker. She had a few tastes cold and said it was amazingly like mashed potatoes. She embarked on a diet plan herself this last weekend. Alas, not GAPS. Maybe one day.

This morning hubby and I got ES to step on the scale. He has lost seven pounds in the last month. That was a relief to see.

The creature(s) ravaging my garden will not stop. I had my hubby help me put up corrogated metal around the perimeter of the garden on Friday, but every single day there is more destruction of the squash plants. One poor squash is actually still growing, in spite of being half eaten. Not the plant, but the actual squash vegetable.

I had to water today, so I was out in the garden and realized what is happening is our dogs are chasing the critters into my garden, and the critters think they are in the Garden of Eden! Lots of delicious food to eat inside the garden and a big plus, the dogs can't get at them while they dine!

The dogs meanwhile, have been digging the hard dirt like mad, trying to get into the garden, making an even bigger entryway for the critters to enter my garden. The critters are no doubt able to squeeze through minuscule holes since their lives are in danger of being caught so they are even more desperate to find refuge in my garden (is refuge the right word, I'm tired).

So I had to remove two panels of metal and reattach them. I will no doubt have a huge bruise on my shin tomorrow for I had to pound one metal sheet with a hammer to dislodge it, of course as my luck would have it, I had just put that nail in to my satisfaction, only to realize I had no choice but to remove the metal panel and start all over. I pounded the nail in so hard that there was no way to get the claw of the hammer underneath it, so I had to go from the other side and bang it and then it flew loose and right into my shin.

It was hot and I was fuming. I even cried for a few minutes.

At work I am getting lots of attention and compliments and everyone assumes I'm feeling so much better because EVERYONE feels better when they lose weight. I try to explain I am doing this to heal my digestive system but they don't just don't get it. One coworker did ask for the websites because she has two friends who have Crohn's Disease. So that was nice of her.

We are having a thread on the list about how some people have gained weight and it is scary to most, and also scares me.

I was reading some more over at Fiber Menace and the author's opinion seems to be that if we wish to lose fat, we need no additional fat other than say cod liver oil and fish oil. That scares me! I have been on a low fat diet and I was a mess, starving all the time!

My plan for June is to stay off the fruit as I have been, and try to keep my nut consumption to a real minimum. I would like to make a baked almond good at least once this month. I think I will also work at cutting down on my portions. Since I am now not eating addictive foods, I think I will try again to work on eating consciously and possibly eating less. Have you ever heard that our stomach is only about the size of our closed fist and we should not eat more than that much food at one time? I eat more than that, even though I do use a smaller plate. It is about 8 inches in diameter. Before GAPS, I would go back for seconds, thirds and fourths. Now I am often satisfied with the one serving.

Okay, I'm tired now after working on the garden for about two hours. Thankfully hubby made dinner and so I had a hamburger patty and a small avocado for dinner and now I'm going to bed.


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