Second Amalgam Removal – No More Silver Fillings

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My dentist is so awesome. I told him that I'm blogging about my amalgam removal experience and about twenty minutes into my appointment he asked me if I would like for him to take some before, during and after photos with his pen camera.  Oh yes, please! That would be awesome, I told him. I won't show you the during photos here. Okay, if you really want to see the during photos you can click here. But be forewarned, that middle tooth looks to be half gone and it turns my stomach just seeing it. Eventually I should probably consider having some crowns done but at least for now the mercury is gone.

My appointment was on Tuesday. This time I was much less nervous, since I had been through the first removal 20 days ago. In Dr. Hal Huggins' book, It's All in Your Head: The Link Between Mercury Amalgams and Illness, he says that we should try to have the removal done in two visits (so that we don't cross the midline – for example, do the teeth on the right side, top and bottom, then the left), and also try to have the removals done within 21 days, if possible. And, don't have the second removal done on the 7th, 14th, or 21st day because of the body's healing cycle.

My appointment was at 3pm this time, which was at a better time for me in regards to my adrenal support. The only little problem is that my cell phone alarm goes off at 4pm and although there is a sign at the front door as you come in that says PLEASE TURN OFF CELL PHONES I completely forgot to do this, and it went off in the middle of my appointment. The dental dam was in my mouth, I was laid back in the dental chair unable to do anything. Here you can see me in the photo below with my protective goggles, oxygen on my nose, dental dam in my mouth, and the dentist and dental assistant wearing respiratory masks. The white thing in front of me is “Mr. Snuffy” the machine they use to suck the mercury dust out of the air.

Protection from Mercury Exposure

I attempted to communicate with the doctor and dental assistant about my phone. They finally understood what I was pantomiming but at that point I couldn't really get up and do anything about it. I was also unable to warn them that unless someone dismissed the alarm it would get progressively louder and would not stop chiming until the phone battery goes dead. I have to admit that did make me feel extremely uncomfortable and nervous. I know how obnoxious that phone can get. Eventually my dentist realized it was an alarm but he was soon going to be drilling so that pretty much drowned out the sound for awhile. He then sat me up and went over and brought my purse to me so I could turn it off. That was embarrassing.

Another thing that really bothered me was that my dentist found a brand new cavity. I felt very distressed about that because I feel like I'm eating a healthy diet and why do I have a new cavity? My initial treatment plan with the examination and x-rays was done back in January 2012. The new cavity was already “surface 2”. My dentist said that the new cavity was not part of my treatment plan, and how did I want to proceed. By now the dental dam was out of my mouth so I was able to speak and told him to go ahead and fix it.

Much, much later I realized that this would have been a perfect chance to try and heal the cavity. This is being done: Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition, 2nd Edition.

I have also had more of a reaction this time. For the first removal I had slept well for several days and the night prior. This time I did not sleep well in the previous days. My husband made me soup again, like he did the last time. Cream of Asparagus (with no dairy, I've got to get him to give me the recipe, it was heavenly).

The last time one thing I noticed was my lack of anxiety. Now here's the thing – my anxiety is so much less than before I started GAPS that I didn't even notice I was feeling anxious. But I realized the morning after the first removal that I had awoke during the night and had not felt anxious. Coincidence? There's no way to know if the removal of the cracked amalgam had an impact.

This time I am experiencing more anxiety and looping thoughts. I am also having trouble sleeping. When I'm sleep deprived I have to be very careful with my reactions. I find myself getting suspicious and angry at people. Add a stressful situation (going to the dentist, period) and that exacerbates everything. I had trouble sleeping the night after the removal. You know, it just occurred to me that I did go to the float spa after my first removal. Maybe that helped with detoxing more than I realized. I actually did not feel it was very helpful, as I was unable to relax and experience the euphoric feeling I did with my first float. I was so out of it at work the next day that I had to leave after being there for only four hours. I did feel better on Thursday and was able to remain at work the whole day.

I did take an Epsom salts bath Tuesday night. My head kind of ached and I thought to oil pull. The oil pulling did seem to help me feel better. The oil turned to an odd texture but maybe that's normal. I used coconut oil [affiliate link] and I've only oil pulled a few other times. It's always so hard to know if we are truly experiencing a difference from doing one thing or another because there's no easy way to recreate the situation a second or third time to precisely test the theory.

I mentioned in my first removal post that my bite was off. The fillings were slightly high and I was having to be super careful with chewing my food. In fact I ended up not chewing hardly at all on the left side in between visits. Dr. Meyer did get the first side filed down properly and now my bite is great on the left side. The right side feels pretty close. I think I can live with it, I'll have to see how it goes in the next few days. He did say to not wait to come back in if I needed any adjustments, and I won't.

I am definitely going to need to step up my studying on chelating and decide what I need to do. I should have been doing that already! It is just so confusing because you read one thing and then you read something else that says don't do it. Sometimes in the very same post! I read one place that cilantro is very good to use but then in the comments someone said to only use cilantro after a good chelation program has been in place – like for 60 days.

Thanks for reading through to the end. I am hoping that having these amalgams removed will have an impact on my health journey. I am very curious to see if my thyroid will work better.

I would love to hear from you in the comments. Have you had your mercury amalgams removed? Did you do a chelation program afterwards?



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5 thoughts on “Second Amalgam Removal – No More Silver Fillings

  1. Thanks for sharing your story. I’m planning to get my amalgams out too soon.
    I heard that Humet-R is meant to be good at binding heavy metals. Have you heard of it?

  2. Would love to know which dentist you go to in Phoenix? I have to get some teeth extracted and very nervous about going to a dentist as it is impossible to find one I can trust.
    Thank you!

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