Day 194 – My New Bedding is Horrible

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I have been so tired lately. I think this weekend I am going to try really hard to take it easy and just nap every time I feel tired.

Yesterday and today I have felt cranky and have had inappropriate thoughts about people. For example, I was talking with a coworker and I kept trying to finish what I was saying but kept getting interrupted. I had the thought to shout, “Will you just SHUT UP so I can finish what I was trying to say?!” That is not like me at all.

I wondered if I might be having some reaction to the printer in my office. I had to print 250 sheets in a row and it started to put off some fumes. On the way home I was really cranky, but I think part of that is because my prescription sunglasses can't be adjusted and they are tweaked sideways on my face and it is just very distracting to see the frames where they shouldn't be. The sun is so bright, it is really so much nicer to drive with sunglasses.

I was so annoyed I called the company I got my sunglasses from and they said I could return them for a partial refund.

Also my bedding arrived yesterday and I was terribly disappointed with the quality. The material was thin and flimsy and caught on every little bit of rough skin on my hands and I was just sorry I bought the thing. I emailed the company today and they are willing to refund my money once I send the set back to them. I think I'll be out shipping at least one way, if not both.

It was also off-gassing something horrible, and I wondered if that might have contributed to my cranky mood today and also the feelings of exhaustion. My sinuses and nose were sure clogged up (which hasn't been happening).

I just felt disappointed and let down all day long so after work I decided to go by Savers to see if I could find anything. They had nothing. Then I decided to stop by Ross Dress for Less and I found a beautiful set for the same price, but much higher quality. I went ahead and bought it and I'm really pleased with it. Lesson: Never buy bedding online that you haven't seen in real life!

I was thinking I need to make a chart of everything I'm supposed to be doing, like raw liver shots, cod liver oil, Vitamin C, and anything else, like detox baths (with what), etc. Then I can go back and see how I've done and where I can improve. Or at least I'll have the chart as a reminder to do all these little things that need to get done every day.

I have been trying to eat smaller amounts, and wait a little longer once I feel hungry. I don't know if this could have the effect of making me more tired? Maybe I shouldn't concern myself with eating less if my body needs more nutrition to heal. ?? Doggone diet head has totally evaded my body and thoughts. Yesterday when I picked up my coop order the coop manager was telling me about how successful the raw foods diet has been for her and her family. I think she said they eat raw for breakfast, lunch and snacks and their dinner meal is the only one cooked. My head is too filled with GAPS right now to even look into another diet.

GAPS seems to be working good for me, so I am committed for the long haul.

I did take a Kava Kava today because my stress was just going over the top and I didn't want to be like a pressure cooker needing to let off steam and vent on someone accidentally.

I heard about a young lady today who really needs to be on GAPS. I wish she would consider it. She has serious digestive issues that could definitely be healed with GAPS.

Also, another of my family has been diagnosed as schizophrenic and/or bipolar. I'm hoping the GAPS message will make sense to this person, that's all I can do is hope.

Today a list member who joined a few weeks after I did posted an update and it was so uplifting and encouraging! Off medications and no depression. That is so great.

I had better get to bed. Thank goodness tomorrow is a day off.

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4 thoughts on “Day 194 – My New Bedding is Horrible

  1. Hi Starlene,

    I just linked you on my blog ( – sorry it’s in Icelandic) – under the title “good GAPS blogs” (góð GAPS blogg). I hope you don’t mind. I’m only just beginning to build up my blog site, any good suggestions are welcome.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    Best regards,


  2. Hey Starlene, I tried a cantaloupe from the farmers market and it made me furious and irritated. I was surprised to find that I was gritting my teeth every time my kids spoke and it took everything I had to keep from screaming at them to shut up. This is so unlike me it is scary. I won’t be doing any more fruit experiments for a while. My elderly neighbor sure was pleased to get a whole nicely cubed cantaloupe, though. Did anyone pop microwave popcorn at work? That makes me feel the same way.

    I have moved to all cotton bedding, even my bedspread is cotton now. I just can’t tolerate any of the synthetic stuff that is in the new comforters and such anymore. I am also using soap nuts for laundry and I just love them. I can’t imagine going back to that liquid stuff in the plastic bottles again.

  3. Hi KC, oh what a bummer about the cantaloupe! I did end up eating that one my hubby brought home. Thankfully it didn’t seem to affect me. I don’t think anyone has popped corn in a while at work, they do sometimes. I didn’t even think about getting all cotton bedding! Duh! I saw some that looked very comfy at Costco the other day. I should try those soap nuts, I have heard of them but never looked into them. I made my own laundry detergent once but my husband didn’t like it and thought it made his clothes wear out more quickly. So I was kind of discouraged from making it again. I should try the soap nuts. I wonder if Azure carries them… hmmm… thanks for the information!

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