Day 64 – Organic Veggies!

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I am trying not to feel stressed about how often I was away from home this weekend. Friday was spent away from home, and yesterday I went to work with my husband in a small town about 100 miles away. I went to work with him partly as a favor to our son, who had an opportunity to work with his tech guru, and also my husband has wished I could come along. The couple he was working for, he'd met the wife (and I actually met her also one day when she came by to buy some of our raw goat's milk) and just knew we'd hit it off.

So even though I have such a hard time leaving home I decided to go with him. The work I would be doing wasn't difficult but it would make the job infinitely easier for my husband to have a second pair of hands and feet to grab items while he was crawling around in the attic.

About ten o'clock my husband got a phone call. He gets off the phone and says, “That was L, he says M is hoping we can come by for lunch, she's made turkey soup.”

My eyes widened and I probably glared at him, with a multitude of thoughts running through my head. “Oh great, now what do I do. I can't eat hardly anything that I don't cook myself. Wait. He said turkey soup. Hmmm… well, you can't get turkey soup in a can that I know of, and he said she made it. Maybe this will be okay.”

Around noon I called M and let her know I was on my way over. When I walked into her kitchen, the first thing I spotted was Perfect Weight by Jordan Rubin. Having assumed in the past that a person was on the same wavelength as myself by seeing a book in their home which turned out to be quite far from the truth, I thought I'd make sure and asked, “Is this your book?” M said it was, and then I asked, “Is this the guy that almost died of…” and she answered, “Crohn's Disease” and we were off! We spent the next three hours chatting and laughing and talking about traditional foods and healing our bodies. She has been on a path of nutritional healing for two years and has experienced a lot of healing.

I told her about GAPS and she is interested in reading the books. I'd told my husband that I would only be gone half an hour or an hour, if that. You see… I don't often meet people who are on the same page nutritionally and I thought I'd bow out after an hour and be back to help him. Instead, I found we are pretty much on the same wavelength! She is also a Christian, which is wonderful because that means we are sisters in Christ.

Finally I got back over to help my husband and about fifteen minutes later her husband came by and he said M was going to pick up their organic veggies at their CSA, and he asked if I wanted to go with her. He told me they always have extra vegetables for non-members to buy. I was torn… I didn't want to leave my hubby stranded, yet I was very interested in seeing if they had any great veggies that I could buy.

And they did. OH boy… I found my beets that I was planning to have for our Valentine's Day picnic. Today we realized our 20yo is going to be out of town for a church conference, so we will be bringing our 22 year old with us on our picnic.

Large bunch with four huge beets $3.50
Large bunch with four huge beets $3.50
Butternut Squash $2.00/pound $2.50
Butternut Squash $2.00/pound $2.50
Organic Purple Carrots $3.00/bunch
Organic Purple Carrots $3.00/bunch
Organic Spinach 1#  $3.00/#
Organic Spinach 1# $3.00/#

M also told me about nitrates-free bacon and hot dogs that can be had from Whole Foods. It was so great talking to someone who knows exactly what “SAD” means, and she referred to Whole Foods as Whole Paycheck. 😉

It was great meeting you, M! She has done so great in locating her organic foods, joining a CSA right in her neighborhood, she supports a local goat farmer who also sells organic grain whole wheat bread and eggs [affiliate link]. It makes me want to move to her small town.

Now on the update front. I guess nothing much to report, although I did remember something else today that I used to be plagued with and that was a chronically stuffed nose. Sometimes so badly that I could hardly sleep because I cannot breathe through my mouth when I sleep, it wakes me up.

Last night I put together some meatloaf patties and boy were they ever delicious!! These is a version of the same recipe that my husband referred to as institutional-tasting. Well, even YS loved these patties. So I made them again for dinner tonight, along with steaming the organic spinach.

I was thinking maybe tomorrow I would try juicing the carrots with some fresh Swiss Chard from my garden.

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