Day 6 HealThy Mouth Summit Preview

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HealThy Mouth World Summit

The HealThy Mouth Summit is live. The new session begins at midnight each night. Tomorrow (Friday January 18th) is Day 6. Each day's speakers can be listened to one day only, I missed the first 5 days so I am considering the upgrade. Sometimes having a “real” job can really cut into the things I want to do. My friend Patty from Loving Our Guts told me about the upcoming HealThy Mouth Summit (nice play on words there “Healthy” and “Heal Thy”) and I looked into it and signed up but wasn't really able to pay attention to the sessions. Tomorrow is my day off so I will be watching and listening throughout the day.

I have talked before here at the blog about my amalgams. I really want to get them out and I'm very lucky to have found a holistic dentist. This summit going to share some information which I think I will find very helpful in deciding how to proceed with having my amalgams removed. It is confusing trying to figure out what to do.

Here is a summary of the speakers for Day 6 (Friday January 18th). I'm especially interested in hearing Dr. Cate Shanahan's science based argument against flossing!

And Dr. Mike Godfrey is going to share alternatives to mammograms. One of my younger sisters recently told me she really wished I would get mammograms. I had one set and then I decided I wasn't going to do that to myself. It worries my sister since our maternal grandmother lost a breast to cancer in the 50s.

Dr. Paul Rubin is going to share how to safely remove mercury fillings. The “regular” dentist I've seen for years does not believe there is any problem with mercury fillings and takes no precautions whatsoever in removing them for anyone: not himself, the patient, his staff, the office is wide open and I would think even patients in the waiting room are exposed.

Day 6 (January 18)

Dr. Paul Rubin

Dr Paul Rubin

Cofounder of New Directions Dentistry – a group who educates dentists how to be mercury safe
“Is Your Dentist Mercury Safe?”

Dr Paul Rubin offers us an excellent interview focused on the protocols of how to safely remove mercury fillings. Dr Rubin draws from his decades of experience as a mercury safe dentist to explain to us exactly what actions must be taken by a dentist during the removal of an amalgam filling to minimize the exposure to mercury. He goes on to go explain the difference between mercury free dentistry and mercury safe dentistry. This presentation is a must for anyone who is planning to have mercury fillings removed. Dr Rubin discusses questions to ask your dentist to determine if they are mercury safe.

Dr. Cate Shanahan

Dr Cate Shanahan

author of Deep Nutrition and Food Rules
“Walking on Both Sides – How to Eat to Support Greater Oral Health & What Each of Us Can Do in the Mouth to Create Positive Change”

Have you ever dreamed of having a medical doctor patiently explain to you exactly why you should be eating healthy food (not just the food pyramid)? You are in for a treat to hear Dr Cate expertly school us on exactly why certain foods cause a breakdown in our health and immunity and what foods we can eat to navigate back to greater oral and whole being health. Drawing from her background in biochemistry and medicine, Dr Cate offers several gems from which even the veteran real foodie will gain insight. Dr Cate also shares with us her science based argument against flossing!

Dr. Mike Godfrey

Dr Mike Godfrey

semi retired medical doctor
“Doctors Are Not Taught to Look at Teeth – the connection between cancer, particularly breast cancer and oral health”

Dr Mike Godfrey offers us a no nonsense, detailed interview sharing the connection between cancer, particularly breast cancer, and oral health. Dr Godfrey draws from his over 40 years of clinical experience to explain to us how 97% of breast cancers have an oral implication! If it’s true that the information we grasp impacts the decisions we make, then you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to grasp the significance of oral health in the cause of breast cancer. Questions Dr Godfrey addresses include: What impact do oral metals play in cancer? What can folks who are less than ideal health do? and What other tools are available to more effectively screen for breast cancer than mammography?

Join me at the summit!

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