What I’m Afraid Of

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Here are the things of which I'm afraid:

  • Food cravings – The only diet I went on in my life was low fat. I now realize it was exactly the kind of diet that sets up food cravings. I started craving donuts most likely because of the fat content (at the time I thought it was the sugar). I'm afraid going on GAPS will resurrect those desperate food cravings that I don't experience when I allow myself to eat whatever I want to, and not only whatever I want, but the amount I want!! Many people will tell you they are on Weight Watchers and can eat ANYTHING they want, but then you find out that they can only have one bite, unless they want to eat only four slices of cake for the entire day.
  • I'm afraid this, like other diets, won't work. I wasn't able to do Nourishing Traditions, but then again my husband was not on board. Now that he has his own illness, he seems to be willing to help. Although just the other day he said maybe we shouldn't include ds1 in the 10 day trial. I almost started crying, because I feel so much desperation to help my son.
  • I'm afraid GAPS will be too hard.
  • I'm afraid I'll fail.
  • I know I'll have some slips, but hopefully we can work together to do this.
  • We're not using organic meats or vegetables, so I'm afraid we won't see any improvement.

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1 thought on “What I’m Afraid Of

  1. I can totally relate to all those concerns. Food cravings were kind of tough at first but I just ate legal foods every time I had a craving. I stuffed myself for the first two or three days but only with legal foods. The cravings will diminish quickly as long as you use the fat (like you mentioned). The only thing on the list you need to worry about it the organic meat. I can’t afford all organic veggies so I try to get what I can organic but get most conventional. I do make sure to buy pasture-raised meat that isn’t treated with citric acid. It is expensive, but I buy cheap cuts (hardly ever have ground beef) and make it go as far as possible. I am corn and soy allergic so I know a lot (too much) about how meat is processed and I think the citric acid (antibacterial) that is used on conventional meat is pure poison. It is bad that the grocery store meat is not as nutrient rich as pasture raised but the main problem is what is added instead of what is lacking. At least try to find a butcher that you can talk to about how the meat is processed.


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