Quick Food Ideas for Traveling on the GAPS Diet

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Traveling on the GAPS Diet

I asked for ideas on the GAPS Yahoo list of what a person could do while on vacation and still stay on GAPS. If you are flying, you may not be able to bring your food on board with you. Double check with the airlines to make sure.

Here are the ideas:

  • Grilled chicken/steak/pork chop option with vegetables or salad from a “decent” restaurant
  • Larabars (most of these are GAPS legal, double check ingredients to be sure)
  • Peanut butter [affiliate link]
  • Cut up apples
  • Carrot and celery sticks
  • Apples, carrot and celery sticks dipped in nut butter
  • Freeze meat and remove from freezer just before heading to the airport. Include butter, ghee, coconut oil [affiliate link] or other healthy fats in a container and carry it along with the meat.
  • Beef jerky
  • Hard boiled eggs [affiliate link]
  • Raw zucchini
  • Liver
  • Properly soaked nuts
  • Avocado – cut in half, put back together
  • Find the nearest Whole Foods, Sprouts or other “natural” type store. Also, more regular grocery stores have a “natural” foods department
  • Many restaurants will also work with special orders if you tell them you have food allergies.
  • Houlihan's Restaurant and Bar
  • Outback (Order the meat without the special seasoning and substitute additional steamed veggies, again without seasoning). Also, steak and seafood restaurants generally work.
  • Chipotle – Order a carnitas bowl (no rice or beans) with the tomato salsa, lettuce, and guacamole.
  • Jamba Juice – They have a few all fruit smoothies that are legal.
  • Hamburgers with just lettuce and tomato. In-n-Out would probably be the safest of the fast foods. Make sure to tell them no seasoning.
  • Order foods without spices and without butter if not currently on butter. Most restaurants are pretty accommodating.
  • Cooking up some meat, chicken, etc., freezing it, bringing it in your suitcase and when you go out just order a plain salad, bring some olive oil, and throw on your own protein
  • Hamburgers, e.g. McDonald’s ¼ pounder is 100% beef.
  • Five Guys Burgers also has 100% beef patties.
  • It's typically easier to eat at “real” restaurants (i.e., not chains, not fast food). The chains get their food shipped to them already semi-prepared so it's tough for them to take sauces and ingredients away.

I think I am going to be okay, especially with the suggestions for the hamburgers with lettuce if we get in a desperate situation to eat.

Thank you to all the people who shared great suggestions. I am feeling much less apprehensive about taking this trip and staying on GAPS!! Yeah!

UPDATE:  As it turns out our room had a “full kitchen” which I had presumed meant tiny fridge, microwave and coffee [affiliate link] maker when I booked the room. Boy, was I wrong! It was a real full sized kitchen with a regular sized fridge and 2 burner gas stove so we were able to shop at a local grocery store and were able to stay on GAPS very easily.

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2 thoughts on “Quick Food Ideas for Traveling on the GAPS Diet

  1. This is fantastic Starlene! I’m really glad you posted all of the ideas together.
    I’ll definitely be borrowing some.
    You sound very prepared and I’ve no doubt you’ll have a fabulous vacation 🙂

  2. Hi Kellycat, you’re welcome. At least with the dried foods I won’t have to worry about being caught with nothing at all to eat. And the other thing is, I am not having to eat as often so I’m really happy about that. This is all going to be very interesting, and I’m so glad I have so many months of GAPS and healing behind me!

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