Day 246 – Visiting Triplets! Such Fun!

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TripletsI visited with my friend and her four month old baby triplets on Friday. We hung out at her house and I went to Costco with her. It felt very relaxing and mellow. I helped wrangle babies and we walked through Costco and bought a few things.

Then on Saturday I went with my husband to my mom's house to replace her refrigerator. Hers hasn't been working for the last week and we found one on Craigslist for $100. Hubby's truck doesn't have air conditioning currently. It wasn't too hot, but it was humid.

Not to mention on Thursday I found out we are going to Washington, DC at the end of the month and I've been excited about that prospect, and I've also been doing lots of research for our trip. Since we never travel, we know nothing of what has to be done. My in-laws bought the tickets for us to fly, and I researched and have reserved our hotel room.

Today I'm wiped out. I was tired yesterday, and wasn't going to go with my husband to my mom's, but I haven't seen my mom since March and I thought it would be fun to visit with her for a little bit. And of course so she could see how I look now that I've lost some weight. She's so proud of me for doing GAPS.

I did a workout on Friday morning, but not on Saturday. On Saturday my calves and biceps were sore. I don't think from the workout. I think from holding and rocking babies! 🙂  Today my back feels weird and I just feel off. I think my period might be starting. It has been two months since I've had a period. In talking with my mom this seems to be normal for going through peri- or menopause for the women in our family.

I took a three hour nap today. It's really been my only day to stay at home this weekend. It just takes a lot out of me when I have to leave home. I got none of the weekend chores done, not even my own clothes washing. I'll have to try and get that done tomorrow morning early.

I've made it through the first eight days of the month without fruit. I am thinking about staying on my “fruit fast” until the day we leave on our trip. I'm also planning to step on the scale that morning to see what my weight looks like. I am going to allow myself to eat fruit on our trip because it will be one more food group to choose from while traveling. Then I'll see what the scale says on the 1st as usual.

I went back to getting mail on the GAPShelp list… I really miss being active on the list. I sure wish I had more time to read all the emails and participate. But it sure takes time away from the things I should be doing, which makes me feel guilty.

Today's food roundup… goodness, I can't remember what I had for breakfast… oh yes, leftover beef stew. I had a couple of teaspoons of peanut butter [affiliate link] with a few drops of vanilla [affiliate link] and some butter mixed in at some time during the day as a snack. I didn't eat anything more until hubby got home around 5pm with some groceries and I ate some black olives. Dinner was grilled steak and salad.

Oh, and on Friday here's what my food looked like for the day. Before I left to visit with my friend I had three eggs [affiliate link] scrambled with leftover cauliflower. I brought leftover salad with me, also leftover chili and vegetables. I wasn't hungry until just before we left to go grocery shopping with the babies. So I ate a few bites of my salad. I was feeling hungry when we got back from shopping, but we had already put my groceries in my car and it was hot out so I couldn't stop and eat, I had to just get going home (it's a 70 mile trip). I don't remember dinner… I think some kind of meat, veggies and salad.

First I was up hungry in the middle of the night (around midnight – I'd gone to sleep before 7pm usually I stay up a little later on the nights I don't have to work the next day) and I had two eggs scrambled with leftover cauliflower. I stayed up for a couple hours then went back to bed. On Saturday I had two eggs scrambled with mushrooms and cauliflower for breakfast, and also homemade hamburger sausage patties. I had that to eat around 8 or 9 am. I brought food with me, finally feeling hungry and eating my large avocado around 3pm. Dinner was a crockpot dish that I'd put together earlier in the day before left.

I was also up during the night last night. I woke around 1:30, having gone to bed at 6:30. I don't like this. Usually these bouts with insomnia have coincided with having fruit or vegetables high in starch, but I have not had fruit for days, and I'm not having high starch veggies. I hope I don't wake tonight for hours.

I seem to be eating much less food than normal, and definitely am able to go without eating for long periods of time without feeling any effects. Before GAPS, I had to eat quickly once I felt hungry or I would be nervous and shaky. I try not to make myself wait to eat too long, but wow, it's sure nice to not have to feel panicked if I can't eat right away.

I didn't get to make a batch of soup this weekend like I have the past two weekends. Not only didn't have the time, but didn't have the ingredients either.

I'll try to remember to talk about my plans for eating while on vacation. I asked on the list and there were a lot of great suggestions.

Have a great night!


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