Day 242 – Got My Workout In Today

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I got to bed around 7 last night, and was up by 3:30 this morning. Woke up naturally. I seem to do best when I wake naturally. I made my bed, and then I decided to get in a quick workout on my Total Gym. I am doing such a light workout that it only took about five minutes. It was so nice having it done so I didn't have to think about doing a workout after I got off work. I end up NOT doing a workout usually.

I have to do a really quick report. It's already 7:10pm. I am so much better the next day when I get enough sleep.

So here's my food report for the day:

Breakfast around 5am: A few bites of leftover salad from last night. I was just a little bit hungry and needed to eat something.

Snack around 9am: The rest of the leftover salad that I brought with me to work.

Lunch: 12:30 Leftovers from last night – butter fried chicken breast and vegetables with plenty of butter!

Dinner around 4:30: Chili and salad made with cucumbers, tomatoes, Cortido sauerkraut, olive oil, raw apple cider vinegar, and an avocado.

I have a feeling I'm going to get really hungry one of these days. Or maybe I'm eating less since I'm not eating fruit (duh, I already figured that fruit had a tendency to make me eat more a couple of months ago).

My hubby bought me a new shirt yesterday, it was a size 12-14 and a bit too snug this morning, so I didn't wear it to work. I think I'll be able to wear it next month. We'll just see.

And now I must go to bed.

Oh yes, and I didn't eat fruit again today. That's four days.

One more thing. My husband and I might go on a couple of days vacation – his father has offered him his frequent flyer rewards for two plane tickets. My biggest concern… what will I eat!?



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One thought on “Day 242 – Got My Workout In Today

  1. Working out first thing in the very early morning, wow, I’m in awe 🙂 You’re energy is really starting to amp up. Fantastic!

    I know what you mean by “what will I eat” when you are away. We have two weddings at the end of this month. One is a destination type and we’ll be gone for the weekend. I”m already panicking.

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