Day 231 – Made It Through With Flying Colors!

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Yesterday was the big event at my job. We had around 150 people attend, it was busy and went fast. I ate lunch around noon, or 1pm and then I had a banana I'd brought with me around 4 or 5pm, and then I didn't eat until the event was over. I ate a large avocado, one that I'd bought earlier in the day from Costco.

It is a long day, we get to work around 9am, work throughout the day, and then the event lasts for about three hours. Once it's over, we have to “break down” the room and that takes another hour or so.

You'll never guess how I finished out the evening… one of my coworkers was mopping the floor and I know she has some of the same problems I had before I started doing GAPS, namely her feet hurt really bad. I asked if I could help with the mopping, and she was happy to hand it over to me. So I mopped an area I would say about 50 feet by 50 feet square?

And I was totally fine doing it, not tired at all.

I got to bed around midnight and was up again this morning around 7:30.

Some people in attendance have not been to my place of employment since our last event which was in December. I received a lot of compliments about how I looked. I have been gathering some photos of myself and I think I'll make a before, during and after gallery at some point in time.

The nice thing about my blog is I can keep the focus off the weight loss, which is all that anyone else seems to care about. Sure I have to admit it's fun and encouraging to get the feedback and compliments, but I find it so frustrating because most people don't understand that doing GAPS has changed not only my body, but more importantly my outlook on life and the way I feel and cope with day to day life.

I have lately been feeling so very grateful that I took a chance on GAPS. I'd sworn off dieting fifteen years ago. I was never going to diet ever again, and also I was totally certain I'd never give up carbohydrates.

It was such a confusing place to be in. On one hand I'm thinking putting all kinds of focus on one's body size is vanity, on the other hand I'm disgusted with my size. Not wanting to be vain, I tried to be happy with my size. It was so difficult.

It has been great help, the body work I have done in the past, for now I can look at the bulges and bumps and not hate them. It's my body, it has been with me all my life. It houses my soul. It houses me. I have abused it for many years, not really understanding how badly I've treated it.

Now it's like I have given my body a big break, and I hope I never go back to eating crap, not even sometimes.

OH, I have to tell you this. Last night my younger son attended the event. We have always stopped at this one Burger King and I remember in December how difficult it felt for him to get something, and I did not. But you know what? Try as I might, I could find the smell of the food to be enticing. It actually had a stinking smell to it. I was really surprised. And that was kind of helpful that it didn't smell good to me.

Well, I've lost a day due to the event yesterday, so I had better get off this computer and get busy. I have already messed around on the computer long enough, I have been saving some photos to folders and trying to figure out what all I've lost.

How is your GAPS journey going today?

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5 thoughts on “Day 231 – Made It Through With Flying Colors!

  1. Congratulations on your great energy-filled day 🙂

    I wanted you to know what an inspiration you’ve been to me.

    A few months ago I started reading about GAPS. My first thoughts were that it was too hard, that my problems couldn’t be helped by it, that I wouldn’t be able to give up grains, that my fiancé would never go along with it, that I didn’t have the energy to do it, and so on. You get the idea, I had a multitude of excuses.

    Then I came across your blog and started reading. Well, you shattered every excuse I could come up with.

    Today is Day 16 of Full GAPS for both of us.

    Thank you for putting yourself out there and showing that what seemed insurmountable was actually possible.


    Starlene Reply:

    Hi Kellycat! Wow, thank you for your kind words. I am so happy that I could be of help just by sharing all my worries and concerns. It is worth it to know that I’ve helped someone, thank you for letting me know. I’m eagerly reading your GAPS journey, and hope you have many good results!


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