Day 133 – I LOVE GHEE

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Sorry for shouting, but wowee, ghee is delicious!!!

I promised I would update when I made the Indian Ghee, click here to read my review.

Today was a big fail, GAPS-wise.

I guess… it wasn't such a huge fail. I consider it a fail because I overindulged in honey [affiliate link], had cocoa powder [affiliate link], and I ate 2 tablespoons of ghee, instead of one teaspoon for the day, like I'd intended to do.

We celebrated our oldest son's birthday today, he turned 23 this past week. I made the Chocolate Cake from Elana Amsterdam's The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook which contains cocoa powder (GAPS illegal), and our younger son made the Marshmallow Frosting – I don't think he made it properly, it was supposed to be cooked 4-8 minutes, but I think he only heated the honey.

I only had one cup of honey and my hubby had gone into town so he picked me up some more. In the meantime I made one layer of the cake. It spilled over the pan – I was supposed to use a 9″ pan, but only had an 8″ pan. I scooped up the spilled over cake and it had a brownie-like consistency. I ate about 1 cup of it. It was very sweet.

I did make me feel like my blood sugar was affected. I haven't felt that feeling but a couple times since starting on GAPS. And I don't know how the cocoa is going to affect me.

Dinner was chicken strips, steamed zucchini squash and cauliflower. I had two tablespoons of ghee on my vegetables. So delectable.

Yesterday I finally cooked the baby beef liver I'd bought last week for $3.89 pound. It was deskinned and deveined. At least they got the majority of skin and veins.

The taste is much more tolerable than regular beef liver. I wonder if the regular liver has more nutrients. We are having a hard time buying onions [affiliate link] because we can't find them for less than 99 cents a pound. So instead of making onions with my liver, I had cabbage.

Cabbage from my garden! I was able to harvest three very small heads. I debated turning them into sauerkraut, but decided to just enjoy them freshly steamed. I think cabbage is a nice substitute for onions.

I had liver yesterday, and also had it for breakfast this morning. It feels like I had more energy yesterday and today. I also worked in my garden about an hour yesterday morning. I have already washed my weekly load of clothes (yesterday), and today I stripped the beds and washed all the bedding. Usually it is very difficult for me to accomplish this task, dreading it, having to force myself to do it.

I haven't had a detox bath in days, maybe I'll have one tonight. It is starting to warm up and we have been running both the fans in the bedroom at night, and have had to turn on the air conditioner to cool the house. When it's warm like this, I have no interest in taking a hot bath. But at least I would end up sweating.

I actually had about 1/2 teaspoon of ghee today when I first made it. No reaction (phlegm in my throat).

But then when the vegetables were done cooking I wanted to try some, and ended up getting a little more and little more until I'd had about two tablespoons. It seems that I have phlegm in my throat. This could be because I had two much too soon. I think I may abstain from ghee tomorrow, and try having only one teaspoon.

Or it could be the cocoa powder.

I also made some vegan ice cream. A concoction of my own design, inspired by a recipe from Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet.

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2 thoughts on “Day 133 – I LOVE GHEE

  1. Hi Emma, well… as I kind of suspected, it didn’t bother me at all. I seem to be able to tolerate cocoa without any problems. The only thing I did notice is the first layer of the cake I followed the recipe, which called for one cup of honey, which was FAR TOO SWEET. It was delicious though and I overate on it, and it definitely caused me to have a low blood sugar drop which I haven’t experienced one of those in WEEKS since starting GAPS. Before GAPS I had to be really careful about eating fruit by itself or on an empty stomach, now I’m able to eat a banana with no adverse effects. Thank you for visiting and commenting!

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