Day 14

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Another 9 hours sleep! This is wonderful! Honestly, for the past 8 years I have been unable to stay in bed for more than 7-7.5 hours without waking up with my back stiff. The stiffness was painful, and it would take a while for my back to limber up. I'd have to sit up in a chair and let it slowly relax. I haven't been able to stay in bed and sleep 9 hours in a row, in years!

Now I just have to find out exactly what was causing the stiffness. I have a feeling it's gluten, but I have no way to know.

I started reading through the GAPS book from the beginning yesterday. I hope I can make my way through it this weekend. I have post-it-notes and a yellow highlighter close by, because I am planning to highlight every mention of Down Syndrome.

I read something (in the book? online?) about how some foods with some of the bad bacteria make you feel like you have a hangover and you feel crappy like that every day. That would be horrible to feel like that every day.

I guess for breakfast I'm going to try the chicken livers recipe that was mentioned on the GAPShelp list. I have been a liver hater all my life. I had to eat it as a child, and totally hated the stuff. But as an adult I found I liked braunschweiger and liverwurst. I'm not eating it now because it is processed and contains things I am not eating right now. The weirdest thing is the chicken livers recipe actually sounded delicious, if you can imagine that! I mean, my being a liver hater… we'll see. I asked dh to buy some chicken livers, because I think I may have some anemia. Maybe that is why I'm so tired.

More later.

6:23pm. Dh put a pork roast in the crockpot and wanted green chili burritos for dinner. He bought two dozen flour tortillas. I truly love flour tortillas. But I am abstaining. I wish I could have a burrito, but it's not too tempting.

I will have some of the pork, pulled, with butter slathered on it.

Oh, I did make the chicken livers thing today. I'm trying to remember what all I've had to eat today. I think I have had a Clementine cutie, a banana, and the chicken livers. Well, I was fairly disgusted by the smell when they were cooking. It was pretty strong. And the taste of the liver was very strong. I ate about 2 tablespoons in chunks, and decided to hit the remainder with the stick blender. I have eaten another 4 tablespoons, at two separate times. Not because I'm limiting myself of foods, but well, the stuff seems to grow on me. Grossly enough, it looks like mushy um, well, you know. But it has a certain taste to it that isn't half bad.

I am hoping it will help my energy level. Dr. Natasha in her book says if you are a GAPS person, you almost certainly have anemia. And she says that will cause tiredness. So I am hoping the liver will help.

I slept nine hours last night, and by 1:30 today I felt tired again. I snuggled in my comfy bed with the GAPS book and read for about half an hour, then took a two hour nap. My dh had just arrived home and we went out to milk after about thirty minutes.

My feet are definitely feeling good. My dh mentioned that I've been sitting a lot lately, so maybe that is the reason. They are just healing.

I have thought of a plan to fix the hole in my bathtub. I am going to put a piece of tape over the hole (it is only about the size of a dime) and then I am going to put a napkin or something to absorb water, and tape over that, but a bigger area, like maybe 3″ inch tape over the little piece of initial tape. Then another napkin or paper towel, again to absorb water and then maybe a 6″ patch of tape. This tape is supposed to be waterproof. It is a metal type tape that is used for air conditioning units outdoors. And it is very sticky, so I hope it will seal my tub well enough so that I can take a bath.

I am feeling more and more desperate to take a bath. As I have said in other daily reports, I'm not much of a bath person, but occasionally I want a bath, and usually during winter. And I've been craving one for days. Maybe a week.

8:06pm. I ate a few pieces of the pork roast for dinner. I was planning to saute some cabbage, I do love cabbage. But I got my bathtub taped and now I want to take my bath. I just need to wait until my clothes finish drying in the dryer. I wish I'd had a chance to wash my bedsheets. I love getting into a clean bed after taking a nice long soak. Here are Baden's recommendations for detox baths based on Dr. McBride-Campbell's book. While looking for the bath recommendations, I also found this post which I was happy to see that I should be getting plenty of rest. I am so excited to see if I am able to sleep nine hours tonight. This means my new bedtime for work nights is going to have to change to 6pm. Whoa. Hey, and while I'm at it, I found a post at Baden's blog about foot pain!

Maybe I *should* have the cabbage first. Then I can go right to bed and relax and go to sleep.

At any rate, I'm planning to go to sleep now.

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