Recipe Review: Making Indian Ghee

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A link to this post Homemade Indian Ghee… if you dare from A Smart Mouth was shared recently on the GAPShelp list.

I am at my six weeks abstinence from dairy products. I am supposed to begin with ghee. A very small amount.

I am planning to try this ghee recipe – hopefully today, and will report back later in this post with a review.

First, I have to spend some time in my garden. I bought some more baby plants last night at the grocery store. They were only $1.49 for each one and they were in 3″ containers. I paid $2.99 for 3″ containers at Home Depot!

I am also planning to plant green bean seeds, and I need to spread mulch around all the little plants to help keep the soil moist.

More later.

I actually made the ghee on Saturday April 17th. I tried to follow the recipe exactly, but I think I had the heat turned up too hot because my ghee was done in 30 minutes, instead of 45 minutes as the recipe states it should take. My butter was at room temperature when I started, maybe that is why it took less time.

Here is a photo of the milk solids, caramelized. I think mine is a tad too dark, but the ghee is wonderful, so I guess I didn't burn the milk solids.

I was so impressed with how the recipe gave visual and olfactory signals that came along right when the recipe said they would.

Carmelized Milk Solids from Making Indian Ghee
Caramelized Milk Solids from Making Indian Ghee

When done, the ghee was a beautiful orange color, and there is definitely a caramel-y smell to it.

Beautiful Crystal Clear Golden Orange Indian Ghee
Beautiful Crystal Clear Golden Orange Indian Ghee

I was curious about the photo at the recipe site, wondering about the last two photos… now I know the one on the left has cooled as here is a photo of mine when cooled.

Cooled Down Indian Ghee
Cooled Indian Ghee

I was so excited about trying to ghee. Soon after it was done, I tried about half a teaspoon and didn't notice any effects (I was mostly looking for the phlegm in the throat that dairy usually causes me).

So when dinner was ready, I had a bit more… and ended up having two tablespoons. Such a delicious taste on my vegetables.

I would definitely give this recipe an AAA+ rating. Very easy to follow. I have never even had ghee before, and this was my first attempt at making it.

Thanks Anjuli of A Smart Mouth!

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