Spring Gardening in Arizona

Day 73 Gardening and Weight Loss

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I'm home early today. It is such a beautiful day out, I am planning to go out to my garden and plant something. But when I looked at the list of everything that I can plant, I wanted to plant almost everything! I might have many of the seeds, but I know from past experience I need to pick a few things instead of trying to do everything. Here is what I can plant.

T = transplants

  • Artichokes, Globe T (Dec-May)
  • Artichokes, Jerusalem T (Dec-May)
  • Beets (Sept-March)
  • Bok Choy (Aug-Feb)
  • Carrots (Sept-March)
  • Collard Greens (Sept-March)
  • Corn (Feb-March)
  • Cucumbers (Feb-April)
  • Lettuce, Leaf T (Sept-Feb)
  • Melons, Cantaloupe (Feb-July)
  • Melons, Muskmelon (Feb-July)
  • Melons, Watermelon (Feb-Mar)
  • Mustard (Sept-Feb)
  • Onions [affiliate link], Green (August-May)
  • Peppers T (Feb-March & July)
  • Potatoes (Jan-March)
  • Radishes (Sept-April)
  • Spinach (Sept-March)
  • Squash, Summer (Feb-April)
  • Sunflower (Feb-July)
  • Tomatoes T (Feb-March)
  • Turnips (Sept-March)

Here is a picture of my garden from last week. In this bed I have Swiss Chard, broccoli, carrots (just a few), lettuce, beets, and I hope some cabbage.

Garden February 2010

And these are my peas.

Peas in February 2010

I bolded the things I could plant now.

Guess what? I decided to take a nap instead and got no planting done.

Now I need to get into bed.

Oh! I asked my husband to weigh our son if he got a chance (it is so stressful for me). He did so today, and ES has lost 15 pounds in the last five weeks. This is due I believe mostly because we are trying to transition him to full GAPS very slowly. We have eliminated pasta, and dairy, and are cutting down on bread for him. Dinner is usually a meat and two vegetables, or meat, a vegetable and salad. We fix his breakfast, which is usually eggs [affiliate link] and some type of breakfast meat (homemade sausage if I cook for him), and he'll usually make himself two pieces of toast. He loves to cook, so lunch is his meal to figure out what he would like to make himself.

That is a feeling of relief.

Also, I had to ask my husband to poke some new holes in my belt last week. I seem to have lost 2 inches around my waist.

OH, and one more thing! I found that since our last big rain, the lettuce plant that I allowed to go to seed has seeded all over my garden and a romaine style red and green lettuce is coming up ALL OVER my garden! That is awesome! Now I'll have so much lettuce and the gopher can't possible eat all of it. Usually I have to be so greedy and can't share.

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