I’m Going to Continue on the Leptin Reset

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Dr. Kruse tells us what to do after our leptin is reset in this blog post here: How To Eat Post Leptin Rx for An Optimum Life.

Quite by accident on Monday I followed the recommendations for the breakfast meal fairly close. Dr. Kruse says to have 25 grams protein, 20-30 grams fat with 50% of your daily carbs. My protein was 28, my fats were 25, I had no carbs as has become my habit to have few carbs at breakfast during the first eight weeks of the leptin reset.

This day I woke late, and stayed in bed later than I usually do. I've had a sore throat upon waking for the past few days and am not feeling too great. This morning I got up at 10:30.

My husband made me some homemade sausage for breakfast. I thought he said he was making it from chicken thighs, so I measured out seven ounces raw, thinking that was pretty close to 50 grams (since I had not yet decided what to do and what to eat, I tend to get stuck sometimes). It would actually have been 42 grams protein, if it had been all thigh meat, but I was to find out later from my husband that he had in fact mixed pork, beef and chicken in our grinder. So instead of getting 42 grams protein, I only got 28.

So this is only one day with some varying factors and I know I shouldn't base finding on one day. It was the first day in a long time I'd eaten so late in the morning, I had much less protein than I'm grown used to having…

But wow, within two hours of eating the sausage, I was hungry again! In Mastering Leptin the authors say if you are not able to wait for five hours, one of the reasons if you didn't have enough to eat, or enough protein at the earlier meal. It could be a number of things, even that your liver isn't functioning properly.

Since I'd eaten so late, I thought for sure I'd have no problem waiting to eat dinner seven hours later. I've been able to do that quite a few days, and that was when eating breakfast at 9am.

I couldn't wait five hours because then dinner would be in three hours, so I went with eating a few slices of Hormel natural ham at 3pm and doggone if I wasn't hungry, starving! in an hour. I ate dinner right close to 7pm and by 10:30 I was hungry again. I checked my calories for the day and I'd only had 1200 so I thought maybe that had something to do with my being hungry. I decided just to eat instead of trying to sleep while my blood sugar was all whacked out.

This indicates to me that my leptin is not reset just yet. Dr. Kruse has said in the comments at his blog that it may take longer than 8 weeks and that is okay with me.

I think I will continue with the leptin reset, but I do feel uneasy with staying at 25 grams of carbs. It supposedly can worsen a reverse T3 problem and I don't want to make things worse for myself. I think I will go up to as many as 60, as I've said I thought I would do, but I think I need to stay with the 50 grams protein at breakfast. I also think I do better with less carbohydrates at dinner so I will need to start incorporating some vegetables with breakfast in order to get more carbs in. Or I could just eat one date for breakfast. LOL, medjool dates, one date, has 25 grams carbohydrates.

Okay, so I guess I'll stay in a holding pattern for the time being with the slight tweak of having more carbs.

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