Do I Blog or Do I Go To Bed?

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I should go to bed. I had planned to take  a detox bath tonight, but now it's too late.

Today was day four of my cold. I felt better today. I didn't feel like taking a nap. I think that's because I stayed in bed from 9pm until 7:30am. It wasn't easy to do, but my back let me do it.

And… our big dog crawled into bed with me and my husband so we were kind of squished.

Yesterday my asthma was affected by this cold, but only a little bit. I was just wheezing a little bit and I used my Albuterol either four or five times during the day. That's pretty good!

But now I'm worried because my oldest son has this cold, and no telling how it will affect him. He is off his medication, too, but he isn't doing GAPS. I wish he were, because then I would worry less. It is just stressful when he is sick because he doesn't understand how important it is to eat raw garlic, take extra Vitamin C, and above all he hates taking a shower let alone a detox bath! I have taken no less than ten detox baths in the last few days.

I am planning to go work tomorrow, but I didn't work today. I called in sick. I was sick. I always feel guilty about being sick because I am always so far behind on my work. I don't know how I will ever get caught up. It's not all my fault. I keep getting things put on me. I keep thinking, okay now I can catch up this week. But no, it's time for this thing we have to do every year at this time.

I am sure glad that brain fog is no longer plaguing me. That at least is helpful in that I can think straight and don't feel like I'm constantly distracted. I just need to be more organized.

Well, it's almost 7pm. I have to get up at 3:30 to milk. My sweet husband milked this morning. I really appreciate that he did that for me. He really hates to milk. I better get to bed.

I'm so glad I'm doing better. My throat has stopped hurting. I feel as if my allergies are just acting up. I am feeling a lot better.

Well, I better run now. ‘Night.

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