Day 32

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I slept much better last night, although I didn't get to bed until 9pm. Which is really stupid when you know you are tired all the time as it is, and you know you have to get up at 4am!

Work is stressful this week. I may have to work Friday in order to get everything done that needs to be completed. I have two deadlines. One of the normal billing, the other is an application that has to be submitted on Friday and the person I'm working with has been out with a family member who had surgery.

Today I asked my boss if she would be interested in reading the GAPS Guide. I do not know if she would ever want to try it, but I mostly wanted to let her read it because I am sure she is probably interested or curious about what I'm doing. We are going to have to talk eventually about my going to her house to work and her making meals for me to eat, that I can't/won't eat.

Today my husband said doing GAPS doesn't seem to be helping. I had commented at least we can still have onions [affiliate link] and garlic. And I said at least I think we can. I was frying hamburger (I then seemed to recall frying foods isn't okay) to make the hamburger burros that he loves. But he can't tolerate the hot peppers he has always loved so I only put onions and garlic, and onion powder, garlic powder [affiliate link], pepper, salt and just a bit of cumin to flavor the meat. He wanted flour tortillas. When he said it doesn't seem to be helping, I told him that's because he's not doing enough. He must stop eating sugar and he must stop eating grains. He knows this and I am sure he will eventually move closer to full GAPS. If I hadn't been doing the preparatory work I've been doing in the last decade, I am sure I would be having a harder time too.

For example, I've had practice carrying a food bag to keep myself fed when I get hungry. I've legalized many foods that just so happen to be on the “non-approved list” and so those foods don't “glitter” for me anymore. I already know I feel like crap when I eat them, I already learned that.

Knowing to keep one's self fed I think is half the battle.

We haven't been faithful to having broth every day. My hubby made our broth this morning, so I could have it on my way to work. I love that he did that, and I really appreciate it. I made his lunch for tomorrow, three hamburger patties.

I had raw almonds [affiliate link] at work today. I brought two pork chops, about half a cup of Cortido, and avocado and four Clementine Cuties. My boss tried a bit of the Cortido.

Now that I know what I know about die off, I realized that I can't let just anyone eat my fermented vegetables. They might get diarrhea, think I've poisoned them when they are having die off!

I already mentioned hubby's dinner. I also steamed about two pounds of fresh green beans. And for my own dinner I sauteed a slice of onion chopped, 1/2 a bell pepper, about 10 fresh mushrooms sliced, and six eggs [affiliate link].

No, I didn't eat all six eggs tonight. 😉 I had to make something for myself for lunch tomorrow.

I have resigned myself to eating my meals cold at work.

No time for a detox bath tonight.

I ordered some lotion from Amazon tonight. ShiKai Yuzu Fruit Hand & Body Lotion. I guess I got the very last four pack they had in stock. I paid $15.71 for four 8-ounce tubes. I would have liked to have ordered vanillabut the tight wad in me demanded I go for the less expensive purchase. The vanilla [affiliate link] was $20.57 for the four 8-ounce containers. I also think the coconut but it was MUCH more expensive.

I was looking for lotions that don't have parabens. I searched on Google and found the company, ShiKai. They have an ingredients list at the very bottom of this page, click on List of Ingredients to view. I was also impressed by this list of publications they have assembled to share with their customers.

The Yuzu Fruit Hand and Body Lotion contains the following:

lotion ingredientsIt has to be better than what I was using. My hands always get dry in the winter and the dryness it is extending up to my forearms since I have been vacillating on what to do about lotion. I have to get something to put on my skin. I tried coconut oil [affiliate link], it doesn't really help. In fact, sometimes it turns my skin reddish and stings a bit. I suppose that means I'm allergic to it. Sigh.

This allergy stuff is a bit wearying at time.

Well, my lotion should arrive by Friday and I can let you know how it's working out for me. I bought four bottles, which will work out fine. I need a bottle at work, one at home, maybe one in the car. Maybe one as a gift to someone.

If you happen to know if any of the ingredients is particularly troublesome, please do point it out to me.


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