Day 26

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Oh my goodness. Today was quite a challenge. I brought leftovers from last night's dinner to work with me. The stir fry thing with beef. I actually brought two helpings but ended up eating half of it during the night.

Well, I didn't want to take out the time or risk my boss disapproving of my heating up my lunch on the stove, rather than use one of the two microwaves in the building, so I basically went hungry most of the day. Stupid move on my part! I have got to learn to plan better!

I only had about three hours sleep last night. Something had me messed up. Maybe the bean sprouts? All I know is I could not sleep. When I can't sleep, and the way I felt, it's usually because I'm hungry, but my body isn't putting out the right signals that I'm hungry. Like it's a blood sugar thing. I got to bed at 9pm and slept until midnight. I'm sure it didn't help that I napped yesterday due to the stress of the goat and her milk stone and all.

Anyway, woke at midnight, unable to sleep. I started trying to think of what I could eat if I got up, and finally decided on an avocado after laying there trying to get to sleep for about half an hour. I thought that would do the trick. But my stomach still felt not quite right. Sometimes, when it feels like that… it's a feeling like I'm still hungry, but I'm not really hungry? Anyway, one thing I've learned when my stomach feels like that, if I have a teaspoon of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar in water, and drink that down, it solves the weird feeling.

It didn't work last night. Finally I got up again, I think it must have been 1:30am and decided to warm up some beef broth, and I put some my leftover vegetables (I never did bother to remove the bean sprouts) and also I crushed a clove of garlic in the broth, and put in a tablespoon of butter.

That seemed to help satisfy my stomach, but I still couldn't get to sleep. I just laid there, waiting to get to sleep. Or was I asleep, and maybe just not entering REM sleep? At any rate, I do remember around 3:15 finally drifting into a wonderful sleep, only to be rudely awakened at 4am by my alarm.

For breakfast I had more beef broth (taken from a crock pot roast). YS stopped at Jack in the Box on the way to work, and I was totally okay with that. I have never liked chicken sandwiches from fast food joints. I'm always icked by the fake chicken and the real chicken breast well it might have some fat or gristle.

I brought almonds [affiliate link] and walnuts [affiliate link], just a handful of each. I had those at my desk, and one Clementine Cutie. I was starting to get stressed out and really grumpy by 10:30. Finally I remember I had brought some strips of beef with me in my leftover stir fry, so I picked those out and felt better for a while. By the time we were getting ready to leave, I was so hungry. I started eating my stir fry veggies cold. Well, they were just a bit colder than room temp and I had put a hunk of butter in with them, and so the butter was of course not melted, but soft enough to squish the whole mess. I was eating out of the bag (no spoon) and getting butter on my chin. ICK. This was on the drive home.

Oh, and one of my coworkers, a very lovely woman from Guatemala who will soon be taking the test of her citizenship, brought me a Guatemalan tamale. I told her truthfully that I wasn't eating masa right now. I think she was a little disappointed, and maybe surprised to learn I'm dieting as she has never known me to diet. Her doctor is always putting her on a diet. Then our boss gets into it, helping her with her diet plan. My poor boss, I was talking to her today about some of the foods I'm eating, and how I *am* getting plenty of “good” fats, like butter and coconut oil [affiliate link] and she probably thinks I'm nuts, wondering don't I know those are saturated fats and clogging up my arteries! I am sure that is what she is thinking. Boy, wait 'til she finds out I'm supposed to be eating liver. She LOVES liver. She'll love that because she knows how much I hate it. 🙂

Then YS wanted to stop at the grocery store on the way home. I had a lot of temptation with the foods, that will be another blog post altogether!

My wonderful husband milked the goats for me, so when we finally got home at 7pm <!!!> I was able to just eat dinner. Hubby cut up a crock pot roast and put it into a skillet in hunks with *hot* green chilies and onions [affiliate link] and garlic. I don't know but I think he had flour tortillas, he had already eaten dinner earlier. I decided to make my Avocado Mayo dressing, this time with less apple cider vinegar, less oil (we are all out of the cold pressed olive oil that my son got free). I dumped lettuce into a  bowl, dumped a few spoonfuls of the roast, put the dressing on top and half an avocado. It was pretty tasty.

Also, my radish sauerkraut is done! It has a nice sour/sauerkraut taste to it. The color went from being bright pink on the edges of the radishes to a muted pinkish-orange color. It is definitely done and ready to refrigerate. Hubby tried some, he says it's delicious.

Fermented Radishes

I thought I would pig out on a big bowl of salad but after not even getting halfway through I was done eating. I will put the rest up for leftovers tomorrow.

Here are before and after pictures of the fermenting veggies. The picture might not be too good. But in the before picture, the sauerkraut is a lime green color, while in the after picture it is more of an olive green color. The radishes have a red and white appearance in the before picture, while the after picture now shows all the radishes are the same pinkish-orange color.

Before and After

I put the regular sauerkraut in the fridge last night, and now that the radishes are done, they are also in the fridge. I anticipate it to take one to two more days for the Cortido to be finished.

Here is a treat I found today that I will be trying tomorrow – Mango Orange Smoothie from The Nourishing Gourmet. Oh my gosh, that looks so divinely delicious.

I should probably try to focus on having less fruits as the sweetness seems to be bothering my blood sugar, but this sounded and looked so delicious I just have to try it. I bought a mango tonight. Darn it, I had two beautiful mangoes picked out but there were so many people in line, and YS couldn't find what he was looking for, so we decided to go to another store that is usually cheaper. At the second store, the mangoes weren't as ripe, and cost a penny more. Well, I'm still going to cut the mango up and freeze it to try this tomorrow as one of my New Year's Day treats. Oh shoot! I only have ONE banana! Oh well, I guess that's how the smoothie blends! 😉

Oh dear, and these look to die for. $5 Dish: Scrumptious Pan Fried Apple Slices.

Yep. Some cravings definitely seem to finally be making an appearance. Wow, and I thought it was going to be easy.

Happy New Year's Eve!

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