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UPDATE: On Day 13 of full GAPS, I noticed my feet were no longer hurting, writing this post to describe the problems I had been having with my feet for the past few years. Actually the post says July 2008, but that is when it got a lot worse due to pulling something in my foot. I had been to a foot doctor prior to July 2008, probably 1 or 2 years earlier. I'm updating this post today (Day 36) and my feet are gloriously still feeling great. I can stand for hours in the kitchen, I can walk around barefooted, I can walk through grocery stores and my feet are okay! This is so amazing.

In July 2008 I pulled something in my foot doing a Taebo workout with Eldest Son. At the time, I was trying to get him moving more often by using video workout tapes. We'd been doing um, that one guy. He used to be on General Hospital years ago. He does the Dancing to the Oldies series. I guess I'll have to use my other brain “google” to get his name. Thanks Google. Richard Simmons.

Anyway, Eldest Son seemed to like the video workouts okay, but I thought he might like the Taebo one because it was a “manly” type workout. Well, doing one of the squat things, where you just stand there with your knees bent and squatted halfway down, I felt something pull in my foot. And then I was in so much pain. I went to church camp that year, and we had to walk up this really steep hill to get to the cafeteria. I could not bear any weight on that foot when first waking up in the morning. It took a very long time, during which I wore a brace every single night (really uncomfortable during the hot summer) for about six months until my foot was able to heal.

I had a very hard time finding any shoes that were comfortable, until I finally found these shoes made by a company called Nevados. Well, actually my husband found them while we were looking for a pair of shoes that I could be comfortable in. It is amazing how many shoes you can feel the cushioning with your fingers, and it feels good, but it's nothing when you put your weight on it.

Well, I have been wearing those shoes since November 2008. They are normally $60, but they go on sale for $20 every so often. Even though the cushioning in the sole still feels very cushion-y with my fingers, the material has broken down to where my feet hurt. In the beginning, I had to start a new pair about every 4-5 weeks! When I find them on sale, I buy several pair at a time. I have had to wear the shoes every waking moment. Although, it seems that my feet are not hurting in the last week or so. I am able to bear weight on my feet when I get up during the night to go to the bathroom.

I can't be sure it has anything to do with the change in my eating habits.

But I do wonder. Could it be the gelatin [affiliate link] in the broth has had any effect?

I just googled Gluten-Free and plantar fasciitis. I wonder if that is a connection?

It would be just awesome if I could start wearing regular shoes and didn't have to always wear these dorky looking men's shoes.

Men's Casual Wear Nevados

Not to say that I'm a “shoe person”. I have never been much into shoes. But when you find that you can only wear a certain kind of *men's* casual wear shoes, it really is annoying. I have never liked wearing heels, but I found out that I can tolerate Aerosoles. I like to look nice going to church, and the men's casual wear shoes don't go well with dresses. Ya know?

I used to wear sandals during the summer, or flip-flops. But my feet have been such a mess that I have had to wear the Nevados year round!

I really wonder if the gluten might be affecting my feet. I guess I'll find out eventually, when I try adding gluten back into my diet. UPDATE May 1, 2016. I made the decision early on (obviously after this post) to never add gluten back into my diet. Two main reasons… I have one autoimmune disease which I know of: Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and I also have the MTHFR genetic mutation. Both are good reasons, in my opinion, to stay off gluten forever.

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