Day 6 – Morning

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Essentially this is Day 6 of trying to clean up the food I eat.

I ate a cup or more of chili last night just prior to going to bed because I was starting to feel hungry after dinner. Dinner was not much. I am surprised at how little I am eating. See I have been trying for years to stop eating when I'm satisfied. But I have also learned that eating carbohydrates (pasta mainly) there is no stopping. It's like I become possessed. So it was practically impossible to stop eating when I felt satisfied, the mouth hunger was so intense and demanding. But like last night, I got in the house and Younger Son had fried some steak, and steamed some cauliflower and broccoli. I was really hungry, so I got about a cup of cauliflower and had some with butter. Scarfed it down ravenously. Then I cut the ends of some of the steak, the parts that I thought would taste good and one bite was really delicious (I think it had some fat on it which I have previously avoided strenuously my entire life). I probably had three or four ounces worth of “bites”. Then I went out to milk. And I felt kind of bloated.

Dh got home from work, did the feeding and watering while I finished up milking. I came in, processed the milk and sat at my computer. Dh watched the news for a bit and then fixed his plate, then Eldest Son fixed his plate. I wasn't hungry so I told them I'd already eaten, go ahead and take whatever they wanted. But then I realized I was feeling kind of hungry, so I had some more cauliflower and broccoli in some chicken broth with butter and crushed garlic.

Then about an hour later I had some chili. A good serving, at least a cup, maybe a cup and a half. I slept pretty good. As I mentioned it was cold in the house (we have never turned on the heater yet in the eight years we have lived here) and I went to sleep with a jacket on because I gave my heavier comforter to Youngest Son. I need to look up my other blankets, because I need a heavier one than the one I'm sleeping with. Dh and I always have our own blankets so there is no pulling away from each other. He has a nice heavy one right now.

So yeah, I slept pretty good. Woke up a bit alarmed at about 5:50am because I had planned to get up early and milk so that dh wouldn't have to do the afternoon milking. But he said don't worry it's only 20 degrees out, they wouldn't give you anything right now anyway (well, they would, he was just kind of kidding because *he* didn't want to go out there, it's too cold). Since I won't be home until about 11pm tonight, he will do the afternoon milking.

Today I have had my broth, on the way to work. I brought a bunch of chili, and Youngest Son confirmed there is chicken breast for the dinner, so he will save me an unadulterated piece. I will eat mostly chili today and cashews.

By the way, I woke naturally, but was tired when I woke up. Other than the weirdness regarding my digestive processes I don't have any other symptoms. No aches or pains, headache or anything. Just tired. Dog tired. I pulled out another pair of shoes today so I'll have maximum support for the day. I wonder if my plantar fasciitis might be resolved as well?

Also, I just thought I'd mention I haven't lost 100 pounds yet. You know how stupid “diet thoughts” work. Surely for all this effort the pounds are dropping off like mad. I try to tell myself I am not doing this to lose weight. It is practically a mantra. But of course the reality is I hope I am able to lose weight.

I didn't weigh myself before this started. But my pants aren't any looser. I don't weigh myself. Ever. I have my son or husband look at the scale.

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