Day 22

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Wow, this day went by fast.

I had leftover salmon cubes for breakfast. I cheated and ate canned black olives, one of my favorite favorite foods. They were there, I ate four one time and four another time. Olives ARE on the approved list, but probably not the brand I ate, so I'm not going to consider this too bad of a breach.

I found out today that my husband is having trouble with nuts. They hurt his stomach, so we are trying to come up with ideas on what he can have to eat that's quick and easy to get his hands on. He's thinking maybe a bunch of hamburger patties, so he can just grab them and go.

I also found out, I guess it takes me a little time for this all to absorb, what we are doing. Apparently what we're doing is what Baden recommends in her book, which is to go to Full GAPS (which is anything on the approved list of foods) and then eventually do a period of Intro. I would say I am on a modified Full GAPS, since I am also avoiding dairy, except for butter.

I noticed that I was having some trouble breathing this morning. Not bad enough to use my Albuterol, and not quite wheezing, but almost there.

YS brought home this Febreeze type stuff, it's a store brand version and has sprayed it a couple of times. I can't stand any kind of air freshener or anything like incense or scented candles to be burned. The Febreeze stuff got me started sneezing earlier tonight.

Around noon, or maybe it was 1:30, I went out to see what dh was up to. He's building a work area for his equipment. While out there I decided to water my garden, pull some weeds, pick all the green tomatoes I could find (about a 3# coffee [affiliate link] can worth), pull all the overgrown radishes (the purple ones I planted in September were larger than golf balls and not pithy at all!), pick some Swiss chard, spinach and a few beet green leaves.

I pulled something, my back is aching a bit in the shoulder area. I brought everything in. I washed the radishes and put them in the food processor to grate them. I'm making them into radish sauerkraut! 🙂   I have never tried it before, but I hope it turns out. I used Alyss from Nourishing Traditions recommendation on how much salt to use for cabbage fermentation. She says salt until it tastes just a bit too salty. If it's just good salty, add more salt until it's too salty. Now I have two pretty jars of fermented veggies going.

I am about out of my Bubbies, so I hope they hurry and get fermenting! I think I might have to put them both out on the porch in the direct sun so they can heat up a bit. It is pretty chilly in our house.

Dinner tonight was chicken breast sauteed in butter, steamed cauliflower and steamed beet greens, swiss chard and spinach.

I was so happy to see ES with a huge serving of cauliflower and greens on his plate.

I talked to dh about not doing intro for ES right yet, but to keep on slowly removing foods we don't want him eating. We have got him weaned off cheese, and other dairy products. We actually still have some commercial plain (some healthy brand) yogurt left and he uses that in place of sour cream. I noticed tonight he wasn't hacking profusely, which is a great improvement. Poor guy, he usually comes out of his room to join us for dinner, and then he starts with the hacking and spitting. He just doesn't “get” that it's not a socially acceptable thing to do. It was great to notice that he was not hacking tonight.

I didn't get my detox bath last night, and want to be sure to indulge myself tonight, so I should get off this computer.

Oh, and one more thing. Me working in the garden? That means I had a little more energy. I have really been dragging the last few months. I did better at my garden last winter, and it took a heck of a lot of work to get it back in shape after a three year break on gardening.

Now I don't know if this having more energy is due to GAPS, or whether it is because I have been off work for three days, and know I have three more to stay at home and relax. Well, at least not have to go to work.

Until we meet again. My detox bath with Epsom salts awaits.

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