You Know What I’m Really Tired Of?

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This is going to be a rant.

It is hot in my house and my air conditioner has been running almost non-stop all day long. This does not contribute to my mood. It's late at night, I should be in bed but I'm feeling very annoyed.

Someone on our GAPS list posted that she had a large amount of strawberries to process and another person posted about the Strawberry Cream Pie from Tropical Traditions.  In the post I just posted, I said I wanted to try this at Thanksgiving. But the reality is, I want it now.

Why can't I have dessert type foods? Why do I have to stick with only savory foods?

I guess the reason why is solely because I want to lose more weight.

I don't want to stay at 180 pounds.  I have been wearing my pretty dresses to work because I don't like the discomfort of wearing my jeans and I don't want to buy bigger pants!  I would rather lose the two or three pounds and be able to wear the pants without having them feel so tight. So when I went to spend time with my friend I couldn't wear my dress that I'd worn to work because I would be overdressed.  So naturally I brought a pair of jeans and it was just awful how uncomfortable they were.

It just doesn't feel fair that I've given up so much… grains and flour and sugar and chocolate candy bars and soda and high carb vegetables and fruit and honey [affiliate link] and peanuts, and still I have to do more.  Like eat less.  A lot less.

Agh. I am just not happy right now. I need to floss my teeth, take a cold shower and go to bed.

End rant.


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